01 Jan 2017

The 2016 Fiendish Christmas Quiz – The Answers

  How did you do in The Return Of Our Fiendish Christmas Quiz? Well, look no further, here are all the answers for you. Let us know how you got on. Q1. Which date in 2016 is missing from this list: April 9th, May 7th, September 10th, September 24th, December

22 Dec 2016

The Return Of The Fiendish Palace Christmas Quiz

This time last year I posted a seasonal Palace quiz, designed to distract you from the seasonal festivities. I have some new questions for this year and many of them have a 2016 theme. Take your time. We will have the answers up ahead of the game against Arsenal on

07 Dec 2016

Three Million Seven Hundred Reasons

A week is a long time in so many facets of life. Last Sunday saw Palace fans waking up and checking that the events of the day before had really happened. There were inevitable and possibly justified calls for the sacking of Alan Pardew. As you may have noticed, we have

30 Nov 2016

Gone In Sixty Minutes

4:00pm until 5:00pm last Saturday. “Just going to follow the second half of the Palace game” “Okay – how are they getting on?” “One all at half-time.  To be honest I think I will take the draw.  It might be a dull second half – both teams have struggled lately”

23 Nov 2016

Charlton And The Art Of The Protest

I write this week in praise of Charlton, our erstwhile rivals in south-east London, and currently alongside Millwall just below halfway down the League One / Division Three table. I have written before that I don’t have any great distaste for them, and that as someone whose formative football supporting

14 Nov 2016

Relax Folks, 17th Place Is Assured

Four losses in a row as we head to the international break. A typical Palace roller coaster of a season as we gather pace and head further downwards. Poor home form, an absence of clean sheets, no Plan B, Frazier Campbell, Alan Pardew seemingly oblivious to it all. We don

09 Nov 2016

When Moses Came Down From The Mountain*

The thoughts of everyone at TEB are with those that have been involved in the tram derailment at Sandilands, Croydon earlier this morning. *South Norwood Hill This week we have some Victor Moses facts for you, in no particular order. Victor Moses is only 25 years old. In the last month

31 Oct 2016

Is Sky Near Its Limit?

THIS IS THE BIGGEST SEASON IN PREMIER LEAGUE HISTORY … say the sponsors and lead broadcasters, who, along with their friends in the press, remind us that … WE PAID BILLIONS FOR THIS Well, sort of. They did, but it was on the basis they could pass on the costs

24 Oct 2016

Pardew’s Penance

There were no tears shed on either side when Alan Pardew left Newcastle United for Palace around Christmas 2014. The  Newcastle fans saw Pardew as part of an unwanted cockney takeover of the club, after Mike Ashley had bought the club from local businessmen back in 2007. The fans didn’t

03 Oct 2016

Gunning For Gareth

The coverage of football and the reaction to that coverage can be very, very odd. The demise of the really, really greedy Sam Allardyce which was entirely down to personal greed, came too fast. Within twenty-four hours of the breaking story of how greedy Big Sam really was, and how