When Moses Came Down From The Mountain*

The thoughts of everyone at TEB are with those that have been involved in the tram derailment at Sandilands, Croydon earlier this morning.

*South Norwood Hill

This week we have some Victor Moses facts for you, in no particular order.

  1. Victor Moses is only 25 years old.

In the last month Victor Moses has emerged from his strange personal wilderness to become a key player in one of the in-form teams in the country.

According to Wikipedia, so it must be true, he was born in Nigeria in December 1990, and had what seems to be a horrible childhood.

That is until he became the bullying star of South London schools football in around 2004.

I worked with a guy, a Palace season ticket holder whose son was in the same age group as Moses. Once Moses had emerged as the star of the future, my colleague told several stories about the many times that Moses had scored against his son’s team. He seemed rather bitter about the whole experience, and was far more enthusiastic about Sean Scannell, who he assured us would be a star and someone who would score dozens of goals for the team.

  1. Victor Moses has been a Chelsea player for more than 4 years

Not for the first time in his career, back in 2012, Moses was the most valuable asset at a club, by this stage Wigan Athletic, keen to realise as much as they could for a player of potential world class talent.

And so he returned to London to sign for Chelsea, a few days before Palace signed the guy to take Moses’ place on the left wing, Yannick Bolasie.

But it feels as if Moses’ career had been frozen in time – a loan spell at Liverpool was followed by spells at Stoke and West Ham, clubs lower down the Premier League. Although he looked good at times and scored a few goals, he never seemed to be a key player.

For much of that time, the special Jose Mourinho was manager, and we assumed that Jose knew what he was doing and had his reasons for doing so.

Not sure that assumption looks good now. He has been outstanding over the last few months, providing width on the right, showing discipline in quick passing and excellent ball retention, and has looked dangerous in front of goal.

  1. Victor Moses appears to have found the elixir of youth

My former work colleague, had a gradual receding hairline, and had to pay very little for haircuts by the time he was 25.

Victor Moses has rocked that cropped dreadlock look since he was 16/19. He still looks like that teenage Victor Moses now.

  1. When Victor Moses sleeps and turns his head to the left he wakes in a cold sweat, with the nightmare of Neil Warnock screaming at him.

Victor Moses made his Palace debut aged 16 (or 19), he played left wing.

He was and is two-footed so he could have played on either wing, but it seemed that Warnock wanted Moses close by so that he could scream at him. For one half at least.

He is now making a huge impact playing right wing back at Chelsea.

Warnock missed a trick. He could have moved Moses to right wing back at half time so he could have screamed at him for the whole 90 minutes.

  1. Not everyone has a winners medal from the African Cup of Nations

Nigeria have been one of the major powers in African football since the 1980’s. By the winter of 2012/13, they had a weaker side but were able to spring a surprise and win the Cup of Nations.  Moses played a key role, scoring goals and providing a consistent threat on the left side of the attack.

  1. He’s one of us, isn’t he?

2008 and 2009 seem a long, long time ago.

We mock Sky for telling us that English football was invented in 1992.

It sometimes feels like Palace were invented in 2010. They were re-born for sure back them, but some of the years before 2010 were far from desperate.

Whisper it quietly but Warnock was doing a good job, and as he may have mentioned one, twice or a thousand times, was not afraid to play the kids.

With Moses on the left wing, there was always a sense that he could provide excitement or a game-changing moment. Like Zaha and Bolasie, who followed in his wake, he could be infuriating as well, taking on one player too many or not tracking back.

When Moses played key roles in winning games or helping the side gain points, he was only a teenager. His potential in those days was awesome.

It has taken longer than it should have done, but it is great to see Victor Moses looking like the class player we hoped he would be.



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