28 Apr 2019

TEB Interview – Scotty Stacks (The Manor)

It is a big week for South London trio The Manor who perform at the PFA Awards, release a new single on Monday and head to Box Park on Tuesday to perform at the Palace End Of Season Awards, so TEB had a chat with Scotty Stacks about the two

11 Sep 2018

TEB Interview – Atlantic City FC

Like England, there are parts of the United States that are hotbeds for sport in the country. We can point to St Louis in the early years (sorry England), we can also look at Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver for others. California has also had a number of great players come through.

21 Jun 2018

TEB Interview – FC Cincinnati

A while back, TEB had a chat with FC Cincinnati ahead of a pre-season friendly match against the Eagles. During the interview, we touched on the possibility of the club becoming an Major League Soccer (MLS) club. Well, that day finally arrived at the end of May so now we

18 Apr 2018

TEB Interview – Nebraska Bugeaters

It is rare for me to find fellow Palace fans, whenever I say here in the States that I have a soft spot for the club. In the States, unless your a fan of the top four sides or Newcastle, you are thought of as an oddity. Football to the

20 Mar 2018

TEB Interview – Minneapolis City

For TEBs latest look at football in the USA, I wanted to dive into the lower divisions of the sport which is an area we have touched on before. While there is no pyramid in the game, there are levels. By that I mean, in the sport, to have levels and

07 Feb 2018

TEB Interview – Matt Markstone

Our look at football in America continues as there are plenty more clubs to talk about here on TEB so we kick off 2018 by taking a look at Houston Dynamo from the MLS. In the States, clubs can move to different cities and Houston is one those clubs that

25 Oct 2017

TEB Interview – Sean Maslin

For our latest look at football in the US, I sat down with one of my good friends/editors in media, Sean Maslin of Prost Amerika, to chat about his local Major League Soccer (MLS) club, DC United. Q. For those who do not know DC United, can you tell us what they were

06 Sep 2017

TEB Interview – Gary Jordan

Joining a growing list of budding authors that have popped in to have a chat with us here at TEB HQ is Gary Jordan whose debut title ‘Out Of The Shadows’ is available to pre-order. Q. Let us start with the easiest question, how did you become an avid fan

01 Sep 2017

TEB Interview – Mark Goldberg

The 3rd of March 1999. It might not immediately jump out as a particularly significant date for the younger generation of Crystal Palace fans, but it is one still very much etched in the history of the club. It was on that day that the Eagles called in the administrators,

30 Aug 2017

TEB Interview – Dennis Crowley

He goes by the name ‘Dens’ on Twitter and he speaks about the lack of promotion and relegation in the USA. To people outside Twitter, he is the guy who came up with Foursquare and Dodgeball, both very important technical companies. A chance talk with his friends helped launch National