27 Aug 2017

Frank De Goer? Frank De Going? Frank De Gone?

The world of football has always been a little bit mad. However this year, it seems that madness has been scaled up a notch onto a new level of bonkers. Players moving for transfer fees in the hundreds of millions, signing contracts worth half a million pounds a week, with

13 Aug 2017

Start As We Don’t Mean To Go On

I was at Selhurst Park yesterday. It was my first visit in nearly three years. It was my Dad’s in nearly four. This summer we decided to purchase our first ever season tickets. Block Y of the Arthur, where we always sit. It was a dream come true when they

16 May 2017

From Stress to Safety In Three Minutes

Three minutes. That’s all it took for the Palace players to ease the tension and take massive strides towards hard earned Premier League survival. Relegation was never an option in their minds, they knew they had one job to do, and they went about their work with aplomb, never fluctuating,

19 Apr 2017

The Palace Magic Returns

Welcome back to another (slightly late) edition of our Fan Chat feature. It’s been a while since I last wrote for you, lots of University work is to blame. However, since my last article in early March, Palace have picked up a string of excellent results, the pinnacles of which

13 Mar 2017

Too Little Too Late?

Welcome back to another edition of our Fan Chat feature, which comes off the back of two wins and two clean sheets in a row, which for Palace, is something of a miracle. Both performances were professional, deserved and overall, looked very promising. The problem is, could it all be

26 Feb 2017

You Gotta Have Faith

It’s very difficult to take solace from anything about our performances over the last 14 months, it’s been a miserable time to be a Palace fan. Watching our demise can be likened to Aston Villa fans watching their team last season, and our awful performances have merited the few points

31 Jan 2017

Find Solace In Our Greatest Memories

It is disappointing to be writing for you once again without Palace gaining any points from their recent fixtures. I don’t have much to say on the football, it’s not been too bad, so hopefully here is an article to help ease the pain a little. Welcome to my Fan

16 Jan 2017

Frustration Heightens But Support Is The Palace Way

Another week another loss. Supporting Palace has never been such a drag. I find myself laughing it off because it has become as much of a joke as any past Palace misdemeanour. This group of players has less fight than any I’ve seen in the Palace shirt, I include Florian

04 Jan 2017

Zaha Shines Bright As Palace Fall to New Depths

I’m running out of words. In fact, I’m speechless. Some of our players ought to hang their heads in shame, the performances against Arsenal and Swansea City were diabolical. Only one man is deserving of his place in the starting eleven at the moment and he’s off to the African Cup Of

19 Dec 2016

Joy For All As 2016 Is Almost At An End

Another week, another loss. It is very difficult to get into the festive spirit when, in the back of your mind, there is that niggling feeling that things might not get any better anytime soon. The year that has been 2016 has been a tumultuous one for all Palace fans,