The Palace Magic Returns

Welcome back to another (slightly late) edition of our Fan Chat feature.

It’s been a while since I last wrote for you, lots of University work is to blame. However, since my last article in early March, Palace have picked up a string of excellent results, the pinnacles of which has to be the 2-1 win against Chelsea and the 3-0 win against Arsenal.

Not in my life, have I seen Palace pull off two impressive victories in such close succession. Perhaps I am the bad luck charm for us, in the two years I have been writing for TEB, we’ve been through probably our worst period of form in a very long time, so I must therefore take some of the blame!

Our turnaround in the last two months has been nothing short of incredible. Despite the good form of the teams around us, we have increased the gap between us and the relegation zone to seven points, and still have a game in hand to play against Spurs. Who knows, that could be another three points in the bag!

Yet again, we as fans have had to endure another topsy turvy season, with our Premier League fate still yet to be decided with very few games left. I wrote in one of my very first articles for TEB, about how being erratic and frustrating was the Palace way. I’m not sure how much longer my heart can take it. We looked all but relegated a few weeks ago but somehow we’ve once again recovered our season and almost ensured survival. Good job too, we couldn’t have Brighton in the Premier League without us now could we?

I know ‘that team’ are a bit of a sore subject with Palace fans despite it being over four years since our last match which was that fantastic victory at the Amex in the play off semi-final. However, they are still one of our biggest rivals. You have to hand it to them, for the last few years they have come agonisingly close to securing promotion, having missed out through the play offs several times.

They have played remarkably well this campaign. Dominating the division and with the results over the Bank Holiday weekend going their way, the Seagulls can now call themselves a Premier League side. I for one am happy for them, as much as that may be considered a controversial opinion amongst our fan base. It is about time we had a proper rivalry in the Premier League, not one of these fake London derbies that Sky Sports try to make everyone think is a rivalry. I don’t care how we get on against Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea or West Ham. What I do care about is beating Brighton. Let’s hope we can pull it off next season, but let’s also hope, for the good of both clubs, that we both remain in the top tier for a long time.

On another note, fans of both clubs will be playing their annual charity match for The REMF fund very soon. This is a great opportunity for fans from both sets of clubs to once again join together and raise money for a very worthy cause. As much as we hate to admit it, our rivalry has brought out the best in both sets of fans and the community initiatives offered from both clubs. Anything you donate will be hugely appreciated, and you can donate HERE.

The Eagles recent form has allowed us, once Brighton were finally promoted, to get excited about our derby fixtures with them next season. However, it was almost a role reversal as we have come so close to relegation that we need to be careful.

Some Palace fans, I have noticed, have already taken to social media to thank Brighton for the six points next season. Personally, I think they need to watch what they’re saying as such words could easily come back to haunt them. We are yet to secure safety, and Brighton could pull off a few surprises next year. They will be the underdogs for sure, but we know what the underdog spirit can do for a club, we’ve been there before, and it’s what has got us to where we are today.

Speaking of where we are today, it is clear the famous Palace spirit is returning. Fans turning up in their droves, win or lose, supporting the team vocally like never before. It’s been such a remarkable few weeks, and it feels good to have the old Palace magic back again. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to finally write about a winning run. It has been so depressing talking about us losing all the time.

The time is now upon us to keep this up as it’s not done yet. A few more points until we are safe, it’s over to you now Palace fans, lets keep this momentum going, secure our place in the Premier League once again, then look forward to what may hopefully be a more straightforward season next year.

For now, that’s it from me. UP THE PALACE!




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