How Did Our Pre-Season FIFA Simulations Fare Against Reality?

Way back before the season kicked off (which now feels like decades ago) I simulated the 2019/2020 Premier League season 20 times. Let’s revisit those simulations and see where FIFA went right and what it got wrong.

What FIFA19 Got Right

It wasn’t much truthfully. While they only won the title in four individual seasons, Liverpool did average the highest points total for the entire simulation with an average of 72.2 points. So technically, FIFA did predict that Liverpool would win its first Premier League title and first top flight championship in 30 years.

That’s about all that FIFA accurately predicted. If Villa end up being relegated on the final day of the season, they can stick another feather in their cap for a correct prediction. It’s safe to say that you shouldn’t rely on a video game simulation to provide correct predictions.

What FIFA Got Very Wrong

First and foremost, almost every single expert predicted that Sheffield United’s stay in the Premier League would be brief. FIFA was so sure that Sheffield would be a team that would be relegated that they were one of the teams that went down in 19 of the 20 seasons that were simulated.

Other teams that faced relegation in the FIFA simulation are Southampton with an average of 37.2 points (relegated in 11 of the 20 simulations) and the aforementioned Villa with an average of 39.6 points narrowly edging out Norwich City by 1/10th of a point.

That’s So Spursy

The FIFA prediction thought very highly of then manager Mauricio Pochettino’s Spurs. With an average of 71.85 points and winning the league five times, Palace’s London rivals sat comfortably in the top three in the majority of the simulations and finished with the second highest average points total. We all saw how Spurs spluttered throughout much of the season and have been battling back for a spot in the Europa League since the league restarted.

Everton was perhaps overhyped by FIFA with the 7th highest point average with 58.95 points. The club can finish no higher than 11th with a maximum of 52 points earned. Another team held in high standard was West Ham United as their average point total was 51.6, or roughly 15 points higher than where they currently sit.

On the other end of the spectrum, FIFA did not see Leicester City’s resurgence towards the top of the Premier League table. According to the FIFA simulations, the former champions averaged 47.75 points which placed them 10th in the standings (a single point above Bournemouth might I add). Burnley also was not highly rated by the simulations as they were relegated twice and finished with an average for 42.25 points (they currently have 54 with a game to play).

What Does It All Mean?

As I stated in the original post, nothing. It doesn’t mean a thing. Although, it is worth noting that the three teams most often promoted were Leeds United, West Brom, and Fulham. That looks to be a pretty good prediction by the EA Sports team.

It’s fun to make predictions and see how right and how wrong they can end up. What is not fun is the current form that our beloved Palace are plotting their way through. I’ll have more thoughts after the season concludeds but at this time, I cannot wait for July 27th to get here and we can have hope and optimism once more.

As always, in good and bad times, in sickness and in health, till death do us part….


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