01 Aug 2017

Brighton? Why Brighton?

It is the question that follows every Palace fan around after every introduction to our rivals. My favourite answer was from a Swansea City fan in a pub after our crazy 5-4 defeat at the Liberty last season who asked  “Wasn’t it something to do with Alan Mullery doing a poo?”

01 Jun 2017

Was Our Season A Success?

So, a week or so after the season ended and I’m still not quite sure what to make of Palace’s year. Even by our standards, this one seemed to be quite the rollercoaster, perhaps summed up by the most ridiculous game I’ve ever seen live – our 5-4 defeat to

17 Jan 2017

Why Do We Bother?

Stood at the so called ‘London Stadium’, shaking in the cold, fans understandably streaming out around me, I and thousands of others, couldn’t help but question why we do this. Why do we continue to pay for the torture of watching over-paid and under-caring players in red and blue? We

26 Oct 2016

The Selhurst Comedy Club

Inspired by the ‘Favourite XI’ that TEB writers are currently debating, I began thinking about my most humorous eleven. With all the lows and heartache that we suffer as Palace fans, we need a unique, self-depreciating attitude and an ability to fall in love with even the most pitifully useless

27 Sep 2016

Parish And Pardew, The Boys Done Good

Well, this makes it a little bit harder to write doesn’t it? In the summer, it was easy. We could moan about our form, moan about the lack of signings and especially, a lack of a striker. We could moan about selling Yala and Jedi, two club legends. We could

05 Aug 2016

Why I NEED the Season to Start

The curtains were drawn. I was awake but not moving. Staring at my pictures and videos from the day before. I’d drunk a lot but the hangover wasn’t from alcohol. It didn’t make sense. I wasn’t supposed to feel like this. As Palace fans, we’ve felt just about every emotion

14 Jun 2016

An Englishman In Marseille

Over the weekend, I headed to Marseille for the game. Not because I am a hardened hooligan, or even a die hard England fan. I travelled because I love football. My friend Greg and I bought tickets long before it was deemed that the match would be England versus Russia.