Crucial Stretch Looming For Uninspiring Palace But Fans Can Play Vital Part

Can I be honest with everyone for a quick minute? I’ve been meaning to get back to writing about our beloved club since I finished my schooling back in December. I really have. I promise. For some reason, I struggled to build up the inspiration to do so. You could say the same thing about Palace at the moment. Uninspired.

After a fairly successful month of December where Palace accumulated 2 wins, 3 draws and only losing at Newcastle, the club has been in a mini free-fall as of late. With only 3 points in this new millennium (coming from three straight draws to start the year), Palace now find themselves in a familiar position during their 7 year run in the Premier League; a relegation battle.

It is a position that not many Palace fans thought we would find ourselves after the great start to the season. The dreams of a European tour quickly evaporated faster than the prospects of a January signing. Palace are last in the league in total shots (10 behind Newcastle and Burnley), last in shots on goal (4 behind Watford), and last in goals scored (1 behind Watford). On the bright side they have the fewest big chances missed, but that is because they never create any big chances.

When you dig deeper into the stats, they paint a grim picture. Second to last in crosses, second to last in corners taken (from memory we have only scored 2 goals from corners all season long), and the leading goal scorer now plays out of position on the wing. Not great.

Time is running out

With only 12 matches remaining, the pressure is now on the club to maintain their greatest ever run in the top league of England. The time to perform is now. From top to bottom. From the players to those working as backroom staff. Everyone needs to do their part to will the club forward. That includes us as fans. We can play a huge role in the outcome of this season simply by doing what we always do, support our club through thick and thin.

The next four matches for Palace (14th place) are as crucial as any stretch I can remember for as long as I have followed the club. Starting Saturday, Palace enter a run of winnable matches before once again facing the clubs at the top of the Premier League table. Palace welcome Newcastle (13th place) to Selhurst this weekend. Travel to Brighton (15th place) the following weekend. They then welcome Watford (19th place) in a home clash and end the stretch travelling to the south coast to take on Bournemouth (16th place). The final 8 matches of the season find Palace only playing 2 teams that are currently in the bottom 10 and the other 6 against teams currently fighting for a Champions League birth. Palace need points. They need the points now. Like now, now.

Don’t worry, about a thing

Because every little thing, is gonna be alright (I hope…)

A few quick notes:

I appreciate everyone that follows along and interacts with us on Twitter during match days. It’s one of my favourite things to do on a Saturday morning and I love the banter.

For the record, as an American, I too am in with the #YanksOut hashtag. The last few years have been demoralising during each transfer window and I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel if they are still involved with the club.

Other than that, you can follow me on twitter with my new Palace only account @CPFCAndyUSA. I will only be tweeting about Palace related content on that page so be sure to give me a follow and I’ll follow you back!

As always, UP THE PALACE!!!

  1. Hi Andy. My grandfather started supporting Palace when they were founded in 1905. I lived for 28 years in the USA before returning to the UK three years ago. Just want to say a big thank you for your support and as a fellow half Brit/half America (duel citizen) I salute you and say keep up the good work!
    Kind regards
    Michael Banks

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