07 Sep 2017

Fan Diary: New Season Brings Familiar Excitement

As you may have been aware, TEB has a proud tradition of supporting the glitz and glamour of non-league, as believe it or not it is not just about Crystal Palace Football Club in the surrounding area of SE25. There are plenty of local clubs which ply their trade in

07 Sep 2017

Croydon Endure Solid Start To Season

Here at TEB we will bring you the inside track to non-league side Croydon Football Club’s season in our Grass Roots feature as they look to improve on their eleventh place finish in the Southern Counties East Football League (SCEFL) in 2016. With the season well underway, it sees the club

16 Aug 2017

Our Non-League Feature Gets Bigger And Better This Season

The football season is back after what has seemed like a really short hiatus, and while many eyes will be on the Premier League again, we cannot forget what goes on lower down the football spectrum. While many fans flock to see stars such as Eden Hazard, Paul Pogba, Sergio

16 Dec 2016

Pardew Really Is Skating On Thin Ice

Think I’ve seen what I needed to see. Despite wanting to give it more time, a change is needed. Alan Pardew’s time in charge of Palace is very much teetering on the edge. Let’s get this clear, it wasn’t just the result against United. It’s a combination of things which has led me to change

01 Dec 2016

Time For Pardew To Rally The Troops

Well, these losses are becoming a regular thing aren’t they? I really thought after the Burnley game that our players would have had enough of getting beat every week, but it looks as though they haven’t as of yet. And, well, the result last Saturday really took the biscuit. It is hard

17 Nov 2016

Palace Never Cease To Amaze

Before I get to the intricacies of this latest article, I must express my sincere sympathies to those involved and effected by the Sandilands tram crash. It is a horrible tragedy that has effected the community in and around Croydon. The thoughts of everyone at TEB are very much with the families and friends of

03 Nov 2016

Long Awaited Remy Debut Cannot Come Soon Enough

That is now three loses on the bounce and all of a sudden the situation in SE25 is once again, according to some, looking rather bleak. But, hold fire. I don’t think it is as bad as some have made out over the past few days. Of course, the defeat

15 Oct 2016

Social Media Is A Happy Place For Once

We welcome another week of Premier League action to Selhurst Park again as we take on a struggling West Ham side this evening which will hopefully see us get another positive result. For many the international break came at precisely the wrong time. The team was building up a head

02 Oct 2016

Ban Guilty Parties In Attempt To Clean The Game

Corruption. I hate it. Corruption or alleged corruption, until proved otherwise, it doesn’t matter, I still hate it. You might think my reaction is a tad extreme. But it’s not, and the reason why I’m so against corruption, and cheating, or whatever you want to call it is because for

24 Sep 2016

Midweek Lowlights All Round

After the high of last weekend, Palace were shunted back to reality at St Marys on Wednesday evening as a resurgent Southampton side cruised into the fourth round of the EFL Cup. Having scored four at home against what was a distinctively average looking Stoke City side on Sunday, I