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Palace Never Cease To Amaze

Before I get to the intricacies of this latest article, I must express my sincere sympathies to those involved and effected by the Sandilands tram crash. It is a horrible tragedy that has effected the community in and around Croydon. The thoughts of everyone at TEB are very much with the families and friends of those that have been lost.

It is only right that there will be a minute of silence ahead of the game with Manchester City to allow the club and the fans to pay their respects.


It has been a while since I last penned this feature, final year at University is proving to be rather hectic, but I suppose that’s all part of the fun and games. Anyway, enough about me!

Plenty has happened since I last typed. The events at Sandilands hit us hard here at TEB as it did all fans and it happened just as the United States had elected a new President. Yes, the man who said he wants to build a wall on the border with Mexico. A man who some suggest is a racist. On a sporting note, the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years, England beat Scotland, and then threw away a two goal lead against Spain the other night.

So how have Palace fared?

Well, before the international break, Palace continued to be classic Palace. They never cease to astound me. We go from one extreme to the next, and our game against Burnley was one that left me completely devastated. After gifting them two early goals, the writing seemed very much on the wall but we showed real character to get back into the game, but the manner in which we threw it away was just ludicrous.

Plenty was said on social media after the game. I tried to stay off it as much as possible that night because when the usual suspects come out to play, it just drives me bananas. There is definitely a split in the camp at the moment, some want Alan Pardew to leave while others want him to stay for a couple more games to see if he can turn it around. I must say, I am very much in the second camp. I want to see if he can reverse this current trend, but looking at the next run of games it certainly doesn’t stack in his favour.

With Manchester City to come this weekend, that’s as tough as it gets in the Premier League at the moment, but knowing Palace we will put in a storming performance and come away with something. But whether that will settle any Pardew doubters remains to be seen.

I certainly feel his job is threatened. I agree that we haven’t necessarily played badly in some of the games we have lost, but the defending has been dire, and the longer this rut goes on for, the trickier it will be to get out of it. There is a lot on the line for Pardew in the next couple of games.

The defending is obviously a grave concern, we are shipping far too many goals, and if we continue to play like that against City this weekend we could get severely punished. With the talent they possess it could be another long afternoon at Selhurst, but I’m getting too far ahead of myself.

I understand Pardew doesn’t want to deviate too much from his style of play, and I get that, but I think there has to be a bit of a compromise. We need a result in some form or other even if it is a draw against a top side, we just need to get something on the board, because we are currently getting dragged into a situation that we simply do not want to be in.

It is very hard to remain positive at times, but plenty of us have seen Palace on runs like this before and it kind of comes with the territory. But before everyone starts to get restless, we need to maybe take stock after the next couple of games and then go from there.

If Pardew can turn it around then great. If he can’t, then the owners might have to seriously consider a replacement, but who that would be is anyone’s guess.



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