European Super League Was The Attempted Murder Of English Football

With the penultimate game of the season upon us and fans able to attend, TEB had a chat with the guys at REDaction Gooners to find out about their season, thoughts on the match and much more.

Q. What did you make of the game between the two sides at the Emirates earlier in the season?

The fact that I had to look up the result online says it all – a truly forgettable goalless draw, with very little tempo from Arsenal. Offered nothing for 60 minutes and then realised we had to try and win the game, but ran out of time. A typical home performance from Arsenal this season.

Q. How do you feel about the season so far for Arsenal and what has been the highlight?

Hugely disappointing overall, falling way below expectations. Home wins over Chelsea and Totteham were rare highlights

Q. Is the writing on the wall for Mikel Arteta following the Europa League exit and disappointing league form?

He probably should be sacked, but probably won’t. With the pressure on the owners, that is taking a lot of the fan focus, but Arteta is a lucky man that stadiums have been empty all season long, or he may not have made it to Christmas.

Q. If Arsenal are planning to bring in a new manager, who would be your choice?

The rookie experiment has been a failure, but could we tempt Max Allegri? Unlikely. Rafa Benitez? Probably.

Q. How do you think the club will approach the summer transfer window?

The owners have said all the right things, and we have spent a lot of money in the last few years, but spent it poorly. Who will be identifying the targets, and will this be KSE’s own money, or more debt leveraged against the club? Still too many questions to really know which way it will go.

Q. Who has been the stand out player for Arsenal so far this season?

Bukayo Saka. The shining light amongst a sea of mediocrity.

Q. What do you make of Palace this season?

Fairly safe in mid-table, Zaha always good to watch and Palace always seem to get one or two great results against the top six.

Q. With the European Super League hitting the headlines in recent weeks, perhaps you could share your thoughts on the whole situation considering Arsenal were one of the clubs involved?

It was the attempted murder of English football. Arsenal should be ashamed at the part they played in the whole conspiracy. The only positive thing to arise from the whole subject was that fan power cannot be underestimated.

Q. Name one player from each team that you believe will be a threat to the opposition in this match.

Zaha of course, and Luka Milivojevic for the standard penalty (well that’s awkward – Ed). Pepe gets a lot of stick due to his price tag, but plays well away from home.

Q. …and finallly, your all important prediction?

1-1 with both teams dreaming of the beach


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