Time Is Up For Big Ben

Usually football fans look forward to potential signings during transfer windows. Me too! This last one though, was a different story.

I could not have cared less who Palace signed in January, although the loan of Jean-Phillipe Mateta certainly looks interesting. My main hope in this window was that finally, after these last few years, the Eagles would get rid of what has been the most expensive and most overpaid player the club has ever had on their books.
Christian Benteke, referred to as Big Ben by some of his fans (not me though since I’m no fan of his) has been Palace’s record transfer to date. Credit where it’s due though, the Belgian striker netted 17 goals in a Palace shirt in his first season. Well done. But things change, and the Christian Benteke we have now isn’t the Christian Benteke from back then, and he’s most certainly not the same guy who played for Aston Villa years ago. In the last three and a half seasons, the Belgian has managed to score an ‘incredible’ nine goals, in all competitions! To put things into perspective, that’s the same amount of goals Wilfried Zaha has scored this season alone, and he isn’t even really a striker. 

The Eagles have a player on a whopping £120,000 per week, who managed to hit the net just twice last season and once the season before that. But hey, he’s bagged three goals this season, so at least he’s improving every year.

No wonder Benny boy told his agent a few days ago that he was quite happy to remain at Palace. If my employer paid me over £6 million per year and expected nothing in return, I’d feel comfortable there too.

But he’s had injuries and hasn’t featured in that many games, you might tell me. Actually last season, you know that one in which he scored only two goals, he played 1257 minutes in the league. That’s over 600 minutes of football per goal, a record even those less astute at mathematics, would surely recognise is a terrible one. Palace would do just as well with one of those football mannequins you use for free kick training. Just draw a face on it, pay it one hundred grand per week, and you’ll get the same result.

Lucky for him there have been some write rotters at Selhurst Park over the years, so I won’t say he’s the worst player I’ve ever seen put on the shirt, but at least someone like Adebayor, another overpaid waste of space, had the decency to leave after just a few months.

Benteke has been leaching off this club for too long now, and it looks like he’s going to be staying until the end of the season now too. Once this fanless Covid ridden 2020/21 campaign is over though, I hope he leaves for good, and when he does, good riddance to him.

  1. Harsh. We don’t even nearly play to his strengths, or deliver him the service he thrives on. Plus, he offers much more than just goals. We play better as a unit with him in the team.

  2. You speak absolute sense. I’ve been thinking the same for years. I will as far to say he’s been stealing money off the club!

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