Every Team Needs A Spine But Arsenal Missing Some Parts

The Premier League is back so ahead of the Eagles midweek trip to the Emirates, TEB had a chat with the guys at A BERGKAMP WONDERLAND – AN ARSENAL PODCAST to find out about their season so far, thoughts ahead of the game and much more.

Q. How did you rate the last campaign for Arsenal?

Unexpectedly very good looking back at it. During it, I would have said it was a bloody nightmare, but in years to come the results will be forgotten but the FA Cup Final will be remembered forever.

Q. What was the general view heading into the new season and what were the expectations?

Many of us said top four with Pierre-Emerick Aubamayang having another brilliant season and with the signing of Gabriel and Saliba coming back the defence would be sorted, most now are saying mid-table.

Q. Mikel Arteta showed signs last season that he was the man for the job but this season has proved difficult so has that altered the minds of fans?

I would say it was 70% wanted him out until the recent run, now its 70% want to keep him. Arsenal fans are fickle, but I have been 100% in the whole time

Q. How important do you think fan groups have become over recent years and have they been a positive or negative impact on fans and clubs in general?

Arsenal fan groups have always been very strong and got stuff done but since Kronke got 100% of the club they now have very little effect on what goes on at the club.

Q. It was a peculiar summer transfer window for everyone, but how active were Arsenal and are there any areas that will need attention in January?

Every team needs a great spine, we were missing 3 of the 5 parts – keeper, central defender, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder and striker. We have the keeper and striker, we have Gabriel and Partey and our strikers fell apart so we have had to use the kids and some have shone and saved us £100million or more. On our day we do not need any players but could do with a creative midfielder.

Q. We are keen to see young players coming through the ranks here at TEB so is there anyone that we should keep an eye on who could make the breakthrough into the Arsenal first eleven?

Saka has shown at 19 he is just amazing and gets better by the game. Smith-Rowe has always show he has the ability in League Cup and Europa League games and is finally getting the chance in the league and like saka is getting better every game. Balogun has had a couple of games and looked good but wants a big contract and guaranteed chances which their seems to be a stumbling block but if he stays expect him to be huge.

Q. The Premier League has looked pretty open so far this season, do you see that continuing into being the most open title race for years?

Yes – Manchester City need a complete rebuild and if Pep stays they will go huge on players. Liverpool need a centre back to cover and partner van Dyk plus Salah has struggled a bit. Chelsea have shit the bed again with all their new signings as Frank Lampard is a fraud, Spurs are a joke and we are a mess!

Q. What do you make of Palace this season?

I like Palace. Roy might need to move upstairs next season as at times he looks baffled by modern players/football. Zaha is not consistent enough as he needs to be and you need a goal scorer as between Batshuayi and Benteke they have 3 league goals in a combined 23 league games. Milivojević having no goals when a few seasons ago he would goy 10+ is a huge miss, but without Zaha you would be in relegation trouble. You are so inconsistent it must drive fans nuts!

Q. Name one player from each team that you believe will be a threat to the opposition in this match.

Zaha for you, great player but needs to stop talking about leaving. Saka for us, he is like a wasp in a jam jar, no one knows what he is going to do.

Q. …and finallly, your all important prediction?

3-1 Arsenal win


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