Jamie Vardy Has A Party At The Etihad

Stop me if you heard this before but Jamie Vardy scored against Pep Guardiola and the £400+ million he has spent on his Manchester City defence.

The Foxes tore through the pricey City defence on their way to a 5-2 thrashing of the former champions. There was a lot to unpack from this game and I have a few tasty titbits for you, my loyal readers.

First, it was the first time that a Guardiola lead City squad allowed five goals in total in a game. The loss spurred the manager to spend even more on his defence as the club splashed cash to sign Ruben Dias from Benfica in an attempt to shore up the leaky defence. Secondly, Jamie Vardy is the oldest hat-trick scorer in the Premier League in almost 17 years! Lastly, only two players have ever scored a hat-trick against a Guardiola led squad. Jamie Vardy and Lionel Messi. Decent company.

Getting back to the fantasy aspect of the game, Vardy’s 17 points were the highest a single player scored for the week and shot Vardy to the top of the Golden Boot race (along with Dominic Calvert-Lewin). Almost 250,000 fantasy owners that transferred Vardy into their line-ups were extremely happy as the Leicester City striker was the fourth most transferred player over the match week.

The Eagles Beak Fantasy League

Here is how our league standings look after the third match week of the season.

Team CaddePes FC continues to lead the line as they hold down the top spot for another week lead by manager Hakan Kilic. Although, the lead has dwindled down to a single point after this week.

The highest scoring team for the league this week was KEB United as the squad put together 76 points. Team manager Katherine Bignall benefitted from the Vardy hat-trick as well as goals by Andrew Robinson and Jarrod Bowen to put up the high score for the week. Here is what the team looked like this week;

Let’s just say, my squad took a week off

In what was personally the worst fantasy week I can remember, my squad laid an egg and only scored 23 points this week. I told you guys that I would be transparent with my own squad and we will be transparent and say that my team was trash. Not a single goal was scored and only Trent Alexander-Arnold recorded an assist for me this week. With Bats forced to the bench because of the rule that a loaned player cannot play against their parent club, my squad will continue to struggle to make an impact in the upcoming week.

The biggest mistake that I have made to open the season is not keeping DCL at the top of the line and for keeping Pulisic in my squad instead of Riyad Mahrez to start the season. Everyone can look back at the hundreds of times they changed their squad before the season started and nitpick but those are the two I most regret. Anyway, here is my terrible squad;

Palace Quick Hits

  • The handball rule can kick rocks. That’s all I’m going to say. We got screwed just as Tottenham got screwed. It needs to change and I have heard rumblings that it may get tweeked soon. One can dream.
  • It’s been said plenty of times but Kouyate has been rock solid at the back. With the injuries we’ve had in that position, he has been a revelation as players return to health.
  • Everton are really good. Like, challenge for Champions League good. Palace hung right with them the entire game which is very encouraging.
  • The only negatives I can think of are things that we’ve all complained about in the past. Roy making subs WAY too late in the match to make a difference. Bats in the 75th and Benteke getting 8 minutes when we are down a goal is unacceptable and subbing off Eze was head scratching.
  • The other complaint I had with the game was the lack of attempts on a shaky keeper. Jordan Pickford allowed two terrible goals midweek in the league cup and Palace couldn’t take advantage of that. The only shot on target that Palace mustard was the goal by Kouyate (FROM A CORNER!!!!). That’s not good enough and we should have been more attacking throughout the game.

Despite all of that, Palace still sit in the top half of the table on 6 points and look to continue the good run of form for the new campaign as they take on Chelsea in the early game on Saturday. Us in the States will be waking up at 7am to cheer on the mighty Red and Blue.



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