There Can Be Only One Captain To A Ship, But It Has To Be The Right Captain

Mohamed Salah and Bruno Fernandes are the two most captained players in Fantasy Premier League. And for good reason too. Both are midfield creators that take penalties for their clubs. Both are players that I haven’t captained this year…

Let’s cut right to it; I am AWFUL at picking a captain for my Fantasy Premier League team. The Sheffield United of picking a captain. It’s that bad. For example, for the majority of the season my captain has been Heung-Min Son. Not a bad choice right? He scores goals from a midfield position and provides plenty of attacking options for Spurs.

Well, for game week 12 I tried to be cheaky and I played my Triple Captain chip. However, I did not use it on Son which would have netted me 15 points (not a great haul for a Triple Captain). I thought I was being smart and placed my faith in Kevin De Bruyne. Coming off back to back double digit point outputs, and Manchester United coming off being bounced from the Champions League, I thought De Bruyne would rack up the points…

He did not. If you remember that match featured a grand total of ZERO goals and City managed ONE shot on goal in the second half. I used my very valuable Triple Captain chip for a blank week…

No matter, Manchester City would host relegation scrappers West Brom the following game. Surely De Bruyne would have an impact scoring-wise right?


City could only manage one goal in the draw and De Bruyne was nowhere to be seen (although he did manage 2 bonus points which was nice). The following week I decided to go back to the well and captain Son again because it had worked fairly well for me most of the season and wouldn’t you know it, another blank week! Oh and De Bruyne assisted City’s only goal of the weekend because of course he did.

I tell you all of this because picking a captain is harder than it should be but if you get your captain selection correct it can be the difference between a big week or just an average one. (As an aside, I just captained De Bruyne again because if he cannot produce an attacking threat against Newcastle, then it’s over for me)

Let’s get caught up on the TEB Fantasy League…

It’s been three game weeks since my last post and there has been a new leader at the top of the TEB table each week. Let’s start with game week 12.

Team Zaha’s the star ran by Diane Pick rode back to back 100 point weeks to the top of the table but it was short lived. The following week her reign at the top ended.

Team FFS Roy! managed by Andy Ridgeway made a return to the summit of the TEB table in game week 13. Just edging out Zaha’s the star to knock them off the top spot. However, once again the leader at the top spent only one week there.

Team CaddePes FC managed by Hakan Kilic regained his spot on the leaderboard where he has sat for many weeks thus far this season. Will anyone overtake this lead and surpass CaddePes FC? Check back next week to find out.

As for my club…

I explained my shortcomings earlier in this post so we don’t need to rehash them here. I will say that my front three of Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Che Adams, and Harry Kane have struggled to produce big points and this may be a spot to further look more closely at when its time to use Wildcard number two in the second half of the season.

Players to look out for in game week 14

Roberto Firmino may be a household name to fans of the Premier League but when it comes to fantasy, he is an underused commodity. After an underwhelming season last year tanked his stock when it comes to FPL but with 25 points in his last two game weeks combined, the Liverpool striker is rounding back on top form. Plus, only being owned by 4.1% of fantasy owners helps his value if he is in your squad.

Another scarcely owned Premier League star is Raheem Sterling. The England international is only owned by 4.3% of fantasy owners and has racked up 31 points in the last 4 game weeks for Manchester City.

Fun facts about Palace fantasy ownership, Wilf Zaha is the 6th most owned midfielder in the game. And more people feature Connor Wickham (0.6%) on their bench than Christian Benteke (0.4%). Tyrick Mitchell and his super value of $4.0 is the 7th most owned defender.

Palace Quick Hits

  • Let’s just pretend that last weekends utter beatdown at the hands of league champion Liverpool never happened, shall we?
  • Palace played really well against both Spurs and West Ham. In the former, they were undone by a strange long distance shot by Harry Kane that swerved away from Vincente Guaita (who was EXCELLENT the entire match). In in the latter, Palace were victims to another overhead worldy at the hands of West Ham. Sebastian Haller’s goal will probably be goal of the season and you’d be hard pressed to find better bicycle kick from a cross.
  • Again, Liverpool never happened. I don’t know what you are talking about…
  • In the words of legendary American Football coach Bill Belichick,

“We’re on to Aston VIlla”

As always,



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