TEB AWARDS 2019-20

Well, the season is finally done and dusted and we can all look forward to another break of sorts after wall to wall football for the last six weeks.

It is time once again for the TEB Awards – you can remind yourselves of the nominees and winners from last season right here.

Our Twitter polls went online at the weekend and all the votes have been counted and adjudicated so we are pleased to be able to announce the winners from each category.

A big thank you to everyone who voted and interacted with the team here at TEB HQ, not just for these awards, but through the who season.

AWAY DAY OF THE SEASON (Holder – Manchester City)

  • Brighton & Hove Albion 60%
  • Manchester United 28%
  • West Ham United 7%
  • Manchester City 5%

Even a first win at Old Trafford for what seems like forever could not stop a narrow win over our rivals from taking this category quite convincingly. Never underestimate the power of a rivalry that many question its existence. It was never to win awards for the best performance of the season but it is right up there in terms of bragging rights thanks to great work from Christian Benteke and goalscorer Jordan Ayew.

INDIVIDUAL MOMENT OF THE SEASON (Holder – Townsend goal at City)

  • Ayew being Messi against West Ham 75%
  • Late winner at United 12%
  • Schlupp winner against Bournemouth 11%
  • Guaita double save against Arsenal 3%

An even more resounding winner than the previous award, the brilliance of our Ghanaian Prince would have been replayed over and over again if it was scored by a bigger club. No better way to win a game on our opinion, especially on Boxing Day!

WORST MOMENT OF THE SEASON (Holder – Brighton home and away)

  • Last 8 games of the season 60%
  • Losing Kayla the Eagle 30%
  • VAR v United 7%
  • VAR v Southampton 3%

The run in to the end of the season has really left a mark with fans, even more so than the loss of our beloved Kayla which we thought would take this category by some way, but what do we know?

COMEDY MOMENT OF THE SEASON (Holder – Finishing above Brighton)

  • Watford relegated 43%
  • Watford ball ball in corner 32%
  • Palace Sky Sports Ad Parody 14%
  • Finishing above Brighton 11%

This category was all about Watford but even after the brilliant ball retention in the corner on that afternoon of the victory of our a side so desperate to be our rivals, their drop back down to the Championship clearly caused much joy among the Palace fan base.


  • Wolverhampton Wanderers 35%
  • Aston Villa 35%
  • Newcastle United 28%
  • West Ham United 2%

A closely contested category between two clubs in relatively close proximity but it was Wolves that edged it as being the best away support at Selhurst Park this season. When we say just, it really was a close run thing.


  • VAR 35%
  • Harry the Hornet 28%
  • Ezequiel Schelotto 27%
  • Jamie Vardy 10%

We really struggled to pinpoint the villains this season and we were close to putting VAR down for each nomination. Interesting, VAR had a battle on its hands to win this one but it did just enough to be worthy winners.

SIGNING OF THE SEASON (Holder – Vicente Guaita)

  • Gary Cahill 58%
  • Jordan Ayew 40%
  • Cenk Tosun 1%
  • James McCarthy 0%

Many scoffed at the signing of the former Chelsea defender but his superb displays for Palace since breaking into the team have proved his worth. So much so that it makes you wonder why a side like Arsenal did not take a punt on him, or even Chelsea retaining him with their defensive frailties this season. Their loss has been our gain though.

GAME OF THE SEASON (Holder – City away)

  • Brighton (a) 51%
  • United (a) 34%
  • West Ham (a) 10%
  • City (a) 5%

A second win for the victory down at the Amex which really was nothing but for the occasion and the result. Who cares!

GOAL OF THE SEASON (Holder – Townsend at City)

  • Ayew v West Ham 91%
  • Zaha v Brighton 6%
  • Schlupp v Bournemouth 2%
  • Milivojevic v Bournemouth 1%

Much like last season, no contest this one, right? It must push the Townsend goal at City close even though they are completely different goals.

PLAYER OF THE SEASON (Holder – Aaron Wan-Bissaka)

  • Jordan Ayew 48%
  • Vicente Guaita 35%
  • Gary Cahill 11%
  • James McArthur 6%

Tight call this season as both Jordan Ayew and Vicente Guaita won Palace points throughout the campaign but the Ghanaian forward becomes the first to make it a hat-trick of TEB awards.


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