Dominating Performance Must Fuel Squad As Rivalry Match Looms

We all know what is at stake this weekend. A pivotal match-up with Brighton not only impacts bragging rights but positioning in the Premier League table as well.

Palace performed brilliantly against Newcastle this weekend (read about it here). The relentless pressure the club put on the Magpies was a fresh reminder of the type of talent Palace possess. The passion that was missing from the previous handful of matches came back in a big way. It was a performance that was badly needed and Palace delivered beautifully. Selhurst was buzzing and the players responded.

Now the real fun starts.

Palace travel away from home this weekend to take on a well documented rival in Brighton and a win is in high order. In the five previous Premier League meetings, Palace only have one win after Brighton pulled the double last season and Wilf saved the club earlier this season with a late equaliser. That’s not good enough. Not when this match means so much to so many. Our post from earlier this week sums up the feelings that many of us have in recent years about this match-up so I will default to Jay to explain better than I ever could. The only thing that I will add is that we are a better and more talented team. It’s time we prove that on Saturday.

Instead, I wanted to shed some light on two interesting social media posts that Palace put out there this week.

The first post was the clubs most recent (as of Tuesday) and I found it extremely important.

You read that right. At this point of the Premier League campaign, Palace have never had as many points as they do so far this season. It sure doesn’t feel like it, does it? The beginning of the season was so prosperous but with the clubs recent run of form, the fact that Palace are enjoying their best run is a massive positive.

All of the moaning on Twitter (which I am not excusing myself of), all of the #RoyOut tweets, all of the overall negativity, all cumulates in the best season Palace have ever had. Kind of crazy, no?

Now, I am not going to sit here and say that none of the criticism wasn’t warranted. After all, we are all fans and with an outlet like Twitter, we are free to share our thoughts. The summer window is starting to look better with Jordan Ayew potentially being our player of the season thus far, James McCarthy proving to be a good squad player, and Gary Cahill arguably should be the full time captain.

The January transfer window was a disaster. We still haven’t found a replacement for AWB. Our striker has two more goals than my 10 month old son. We bemoan each week for substitutions in a timely manner. And Palace still trot out the oldest squad in all of the league.

But, having said all of that, this still has been our most successful season thus far in the Premier League. Roy most definitely IN.

“Rugby football is a collective name for the team sports of rugby league and rugby union, as well as the earlier forms of football from which both games evolved.”⁣

This one may be my favorite post by the club of all time. Cheeky is putting it lightly. Wilf Zaha has been tackled TWICE this season by opposing players. I haven’t watched this sport as long as many as our readers but in my time I have never seen a player get taken down rugby style in the middle of the pitch. Never. Not once. It’s happened to Palace’s best player twice in less than four months. Truly the most egregious act these eyes have seen.

And opposing fans still have the gall to say that Wilf is a diver. Please. Spare me your thoughts because there isn’t a fan base in the league that wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a player like Wilf running down the left side of the pitch for their squad. Not to mention the injury risk that Wilf faces from these types of fouls.

I did a little digging and found an article from a month ago that said that Wilf has drawn 19 yellow cards from opponets thus far. With two more drawn on Saturday and I’m going to bet that in the two previous games he drew some as well, Wilf is by far the most fouled player in the league. To draw these many yellows only amplifies the harshness of the fouls being put on the Palace talisman.

With 11 games left, and 7 points away from the magically 40 point total, Palace can cement their record 8th successive season in the Premier League this weekend.

And it comes in the Amex. Against the hated Seagulls. In a season defining match. Palace, don’t let me down.

As always, follow me on twitter (@CPFCAndyUSA) and UP THE PALACE!!!


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