Touch And Go If Pellegrini Survives Season In Charge Of Hammers

Ahead of the visit of West Ham United, TEB had a chat with the guys at Green Street Hammers to get their view on the defeat at the London Stadium earlier in the season, how they have fared since and much more.

Q. What did you make of the game at the London Stadium earlier in the season?

I thought it was well played to a point. As per usual, West Ham put in about 60 minutes of good football followed up by mistakes and game costing decisions.

Q. How has the season gone for you since then?

It’s pretty obvious that the Hammers aren’t playing up to their expectations but hey, that’s football. Very rough and inconsistent so far but as an eternal optimist I’ll stay hopeful for the rest of the campaign.

Q. Do you think Pellegrini will survive the season in charge of the Hammers?

It’s 50/50 at the moment and nobody seems to know what the board think other than what was previously said on the Southampton match. If the squad keep it up then he’s good but even a glimpse of bad and he’s gone.

Q. How active do you think the club will be in January and what are the needs?

West Ham need to be very active but to answer the question correctly I’ll say that they will be like like warm bath water. We need potentially both left and right backs as well as a solid box to box midfielder. However, the emphasis should be on a striker as we only have two true strikers currently.

Q. The introduction of VAR this season has not gone to plan so far – what is your view of the system and how it is being used?

The system and idea behind what VAR was supposed to be I like. What it’s turned into I don’t. It’s killing the game but has potential to be run better and needs to.

Q. Who will win the title this season and which three teams will be saying goodbye to the Premier League?

Typically I’d say that Liverpool will mess it up but I think they will easily see it through. As far as the three relegated, it’ll be tough all the way through but I can see Norwich, Southampton, and Bournemouth with Villa and Watford sorting it out somehow.

Q. Who has shone for West Ham so far this season?

Glimpses of hope and potential have shone so far for the Hammers. That’s about it however as the inconsistency of everyone from Pellegrini down has made it tough so far.

Q. Which West Ham player do Palace need to keep an eye on in the game?

It’s a week by week basis typically but I’d give the nod to Pablo Fornals at the moment. He’s really coming into his own and finding spaces to put the ball, which seems to be his preferred style of play.

Q. Perhaps you could share your views on what you expect from Palace this season?

Palace, a lot like West Ham, seem to be a roller coaster type of team. With that being said, ol’ Roy’s got your boys playing somewhat consistent and well in defence. You should easily be a top ten side by the end of it.

Q. Your prediction?

After some extra time off with the Hammers opposition playing in a FIFA cup match, I think they should have time to focus on the positives from the Southampton win. My hole is the West Ham come out with two at the top and really pressure your defenders. But with that in mind, I still see it coming to a draw at the end.


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