‘Tis The Season Of Fantasy Premier League Football

The final two months of the year always bring a particular joy. Why? Well, there’s Christmas and a crucially busy period for Fantasy Football managers.

The onset of winter doesn’t merely bring fog, snow, and ice, but also the warmth and excitement of cheering fans, hard-fought games, and opportunities to play for some Christmas cash.

Here we have a few tips and tricks to get the best points haul for your fantasy teams.


We all have favourite players. You might even have a few surprise underdogs you’d like to see score a goal or two. But rooting for the underdog should stay in the cinema, not your score sheets. While all players are at a club for a reason, they’re not all equal for Fantasy Football.

So, make sure you have a few obvious choices. Putting Mohammad Salah in your team goes without saying. Choosing several star players for your starting line-up will ensure your point balance grows all season long.


Breakout stars can make or break your fantasy title chances. But by all means, do your research and pick these players wisely. Don’t go for the little guy because you share birthdays, or a brand-new player to join a club who hasn’t proven himself and likely will sit on the bench.

You want all of your players, even your breakout stars, to play. After all, when they play, you get points. Make sure you’re choosing footballers who will be playing regularly. Not sure what changes to make? You can find out the latest on upcoming matches and player news HERE.


All Fantasy Football managers know that clean sheets and assists are where the majority of consistent points are earned during a season. Choosing players who are known for playing clean and being top-notch team players proves crucial for this category.

Don’t select players who rarely get the pass. The same goes for players who have a track record of fouling out. Players with negative histories are going to earn you negative points.


When playing Fantasy Football, never assume your gameday score will start at zero and consistently trend positive. Nearly every game will see a few negative points, and all games are capable of them.

Yellow cards, red cards, and the soul-crushing fumble of a player scoring into their own goal all count for negative points. And they add up quickly.

Plan on at least a few yellow cards being drawn on several of your players, especially if you’ve chosen players with a history of card issues.


As the season progresses, you will want and need to transfer players out. The rules allow one transfer a week within budget. Where it’ll cost is if you’re going to transfer additional players in that same week. Any other transfers in one week will cost you negative point values, decreasing your overall score and ranking.

Unless your team is racking up the negative point values and sinking you into a hole, transferring extras should be considered a non-option.


Let’s face it. Most of your office buddies are not fantasy experts. They may talk a good game, but if you want some tried and accurate information to base your life-or-death fantasy decisions upon, you need the real professionals.

For a resource that keeps you informed, up to date, and miles ahead of Jim at the watercooler, you’ll want to be an avid reader of https://www.bonuscodeuk.com/. With Premier League tips, previews, and all the latest news, you’ll be able to stay on top of your Fantasy team with confidence.


Above all, whatever you do this Fantasy Football season, do everyone a favor and keep your game playing in perspective. While we all want to win big and choose the ultimate scoring team, life as we know it won’t cease if that doesn’t happen. Neither should we fly into a rage if our star player gets carded or injured.

So let peace on earth reign and joy fill the world, and don’t hate on Jim at the office because his lucky picks are better than yours.


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