Eagles Defence Resembled A Second Half Brick Wall

1. What did you make of the game?

It was a game of two halves. We looked completely dominant in the first half and then capitulated. Speaking to other Arsenal fans in the pub after the match, this seems to have raised more emotion than usual, especially given the behaviour of Granit Xhaka

2. Thoughts on the Palace performance?

I definitely think Palace were benefited by the ref, but equally your defence in the second half was nothing short of a brick wall. Once again this season Palace have proven they won’t lie down for top six opposition and the atrocious refereeing aside, fair play to you

3. We can tell what Arsenal fans thought about your performance, so where doe Emery go from here?

That is the all important question, and frankly I can’t see it improving. I just don’t see Unai taking us further and certainly not to the stage we want to be at. He is a manager that commands high respect and I truly wish him well but I just don’t think Arsenal is his calling

4. Granit Xhaka – discuss.

Utterly disgraceful behaviour. The Arsenal captains armband has been worn by Thierry Henry, Tony Adams and Frank McLintock to name a few. Xhaka is not fit to be captain and the fans reaction proves that.

5. Do you agree that VAR shows signs of levelling the playing field once the officials can use it properly?

Get VAR out of the game, where is the fun in not being able to celebrate a last minute goal?

6. Is there further proof that Arsenal should have done all they could have to get Wilfried Zaha in the summer?

I think that Callum Chambers contained Zaha well today and really showed us what we’ve been missing in defence. Nonetheless, Zaha proved a constant threat and I do wonder what a difference he’d make to our current shambles of a season had we signed him. Frankly, I think it would have made a crucial difference, and it was seriously annoying to see him driving forward and creating chances in a Palace shirt

7. Which Palace player caught your eye?

Andros Townsend was pretty clinical. Wayne Hennessey was also very noticeable for being a time wasting cheat.

8. Who shone for Arsenal?

Pepe had a better game than he has done in recent weeks, but I can’t really describe anyone as having “shone.” A shining performance would involve defending a 2-0 lead at home, which the entire team failed to do.

9. Based on this performance, how do you think Palace will do this season?

Palace looked a real danger at times. It would be foolish to rule out Palace in some form of European Football next season if you carry on like this.

10. Good luck for the rest of the season – big question is, will Emery still be in charge next time we face each other?

Roy Hodgson will be in charge at the Emirates and you will have Alan Pardew back, all going well!


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