Marathon March A Real Success Even In Difficult Conditions

The 2019 Marathon March was the first to feature more than one participant from the team here at TEB, and while Mark Silverstein flew the flag for us in 2018, it was about time we sent him some support this year.

So, how did we do? In the first of two reports from the march, here are a few highlights and observations from a long wet day on our feet pounding the streets of London.

Never Underestimate A Charity Walk

It’s just a 26.2 mile walk they said, that sounds manageable we said. After being convinced by certain people that we could do this, we finally succumbed and signed up for the event this year. We were not kidding ourselves that we could ever run a marathon, but to walk one sounded far easier. There were good tips received and we did some training leading up to the march, but boy it was tough.

Long Day Of Dodging Obstacles

It all started so promising, the early part of the route did not really prepare us for what we were to face later on as it was pretty uneventful (other than saying hello to cute little dog in Wimbledon that responded with the threat of chewing an ankle!) A flooded path along the Thames was the first obstacle followed by the build up of traffic the closer we arrived into London which made crossing roads more difficult. Then there was the shoppers, not just them but their umbrellas and bags, and finally the protesters which by the time we got close to their location, they were the least of our concerns with our muscles in full seizure mode.

Did We Mention The Weather?

The forecast leading up to the big day suggested that it was not going to be kind and it really wasn’t. Not that it was cold but it rained for the majority of the day making a tough event even more difficult.

South London Is Wonderful

The area in which we live, brought up in or travel to on a regular basis throughout the football season really does get a rough deal. Our route from Selhurst Park took us on a scenic tour of South London but it showed just how wonderful it is. Heading from SE25 at 8am, through Thornton Heath, Mitcham Common, Wimbledon Common and on to Richmond Park made the day strangely enjoyable. We say strangely simply knowing what we know now as we sit here soaking our feet …

Struggles Since The March

Boy, the sore feet and legs that have been a part of our daily lives since then and have been hard to get used to. Having a well deserved sit down at Rileys after the march to enjoy a beer and some food was perhaps our worst decision of the day. As we decided to make a move, we looked like we were auditioning for the ministry of silly walks on the way to Cannon Street Station, moving at a slower pace that a protester chained to the nearest bus. It is only now that our broken bodies are starting to recover.

Richmond Park Was The Real Highlight

Other than the site of Rileys and the finish line, walking through Richmond Park was quite special. Even in the weather that we were experiencing, the largest of London’s Royal Parks was a joy to walk through at a stage of the march that we were maintaining a decent pace. A special shout out to Louis and Hayden for their high fives which gave us a real boost!

For Those That Like Their Stats

While we did not record the walk in any level of detail other than sharing the experience throughout across our social media channels, what we did do is make a note of the steps that it took us. Not one person has guessed right when asked since the day, but we did 62,382 steps on the day (including the rather abnormal ones to the station afterwards!)

Proud To Be A Part Of A Very Special Event

There is no doubting that this is a very special event. At a time when the game as a whole is going through a bit of a tough time for a number of different reasons, to be a part of the togetherness and experience the camaraderie that the Marathon March has been known for over the past two years was a real privilege.

Our Time To Thank Some Special People

A huge thank you to all those at the Palace For Life Foundation for organising the event along with the fantastic guys and girls at Adventure Cafe who directed us, fed us and kept us safe along the way. To Mark and Julian for their wise words before the event and during, to those that cheered us along the way – particularly Becs and Vics for their constant abuse (it got us through!) – to those fellow marchers we spoke to along the way, and everyone that made a donation, you are all legends.

Fundraising Total

At the time of writing, our page is up to almost £850 and with donations still to come will reach £1,000 which we are absolutely chuffed with. Meanwhile, Mark Silverstein has raised just over £1,600 which is phenomenal. Donations are still accepted so if you can spare anything, please head over to our Just Giving page.

Big Question Is, Would We Do It Again?

Let’s get over this one first and make that decision but the event was strangely enjoyable for a number of different reason which far outweighed any slight negatives. This was our chance to support the Palace For Life Foundation, and we would do that again in a heartbeat.


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