Tale Of Two Goalkeepers As Hammers Rue Missed Chances

In what is a first for TEB and a bit of a trial to see how it goes, we had a post match chat with the guys at Green Street Hammers to get their views on the win for Palace at the London Stadium at the weekend.

Q. What did you make of the game?

Extremely lacklustre from both sides. It felt like a game between two sides not trying to win and whoever just tried harder was going to take it. VAR did not help either but at this point, it is what it is.

Q. Where did it go wrong for you after scoring an excellent opening goal?

The ability to be clinical was missing from the start. West Ham had a lot of chances but either they just did not connect or poor finishing. The drive that has been there for so many weeks was gone and they just could not get it back.

Q. Should you be expecting more from players like Felipe Anderson and Manuel Lanzini?

For sure and it has showed all season so far. Neither of them had it in this match and it was missed. When not one but both of your top midfielders do not take advantage of a match, it will harm you and it did for us at the weekend. We need to see the magic return, but nothing to be overly concerned about yet.

Q. Does Manuel Pellegrini take some of the blame for the loss?

Yes for sure! I understand you have a team of millionaires but as the Gaffer, you have to control what is said and done. From the training ground to the locker room, Pellegrini must command a presence. It is not doom and gloom as his process will take time.

Q. Who was your stand out player?

This is going to sound weird in that West Ham lost, but my stand out Hammer was Roberto. The man did his job and what is sad is that this was probably his best performance yet and it was ruined by a handball and a solid yet questionable play towards the end when the defence let him down.

Q. What did you make of Palace?

I thought they played well but it was honestly a match of back and forth and who wanted to win more was an after thought. They played better and made their opportunities work for them, unlike West Ham.

Q. Who was Palace’s stand out player?

That’s a tough call as a few stood out in my mind. I though from watching that the midfield did better than I expected but your top man was your goalkeeper as well, Vicente Guaita. Just like Roberto, he probably played his best match yet, literally all over the net and made a few solid saves.

Q. VAR must be a dirty word around West Ham at the moment, right?

It is but believe it or not, I am still a fan of it. I think it was a good call once it was reviewed and now having had time to decompress probably helps too.

Q. Do you expect a reaction from the players to this result after the international break?

I do, I think they are pissed off that this happened at home and I think they will be training and ready for the international break to be over so they can show the fans what they are made of.

The return fixture takes place on Boxing Day when Palace host West Ham at Selhurst Park, kick off 3pm (subject to change).


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