TEB Join The Ranks At New Podcast Stairway To Seventh

TEB are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with a new podcast that does something a little different.

Stairway to Seventh is a Premier League podcast dedicated to the clubs outside the ‘Big Six’, with the sole aim of giving those sides the coverage and analysis they deserve.

Just to be clear, by ‘Big Six’ is Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United.

Stairway To Seventh Is The Brainchild Of Watford Fan Andy Lewers.

What makes Stairway to Seventh different to other football podcasts? The catch is, the ‘Big Six’ will not be talked about. Even if City break the transfer record or Chelsea sack their manager, they will not be discussed.​

If you get frustrated at the lack of coverage your club gets in the media, be it on television, radio or in print, then this is the podcast for you.​

There are great things going on at the clubs in the Premier League outside of the ‘Big Six’, and it is time for the world to know about it.

The project is the idea of Andy Lewers, founder of The Hornets’ Nest‘, who told us how it all came about;

“As a Watford fan (go easy on me!), I have been frustrated at the lack of coverage we receive ever since being promoted and by how much of the media is dominated by talk of the big clubs. More often than not it feels like the so called ‘smaller’ clubs in the league are overlooked and I want to change that. Stairway to Seventh is a safe haven, a totally ‘Big Six’ free zone where fans can have their say and debunk any misconceptions portrayed in the media about their club. 
Each week we will get the reactions of a fan at each of the other 14 clubs in the Premier League, following their latest fixture. We will also do various features throughout the season and if all goes well, some player and manager interviews too! Hopefully the podcast will become an extra part of fans footballing world, alongside the excellent content provided by The Eagles’ Beak”

Stairway to Seventh is a weekly podcast, released every Tuesday. It is available on both Spotify and iTunes and the debut episode is available to listen to NOW!



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