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A trip to the Emirates is up next for the Eagles so we had a chat with Arsenal fan Jake Coare who is taking part in the fan organized walk from Selhurst Park to North London before kick off.

Q. What did you make of the game at Selhurst Park earlier in the season?

I was not able to make the game unfortunately having chosen to attend one of the NFL games at Wembley but from catching up on the highlights, it was a was a tough game for both sides and Palace deserved the point in the end.

Q. How has the season been so far for the Gunners?

It has been a good season in my view this season and we are building a team for next season. There could be plenty if improvement away from home, but we have done well against the top six sides for the most part which has been a problem in recent years for Arsenal.

Q. Has Unai Emery done better than many expected he would this season after so long under tenure of Arsene Wenger or has it been a disappointment?

Emery has done well in his first season, it was always going to be a season of transition and laying down the foundations to building on going into next season but it is clear that he has his own ideas and thoughts on how to achieve success with the club. It is still a mostly Wenger squad so it is likely to take time to make it his own, maybe a few transfer windows before Arsenal actually challenge for the title again. I personally think we will achieve Champions League qualification through the Premier League which would be a great achievement in his first season.

Q. You are taking part in a special event on the day or the game, perhaps you could tell us some more about it and the reason for getting involved?

It is a real honour to be taking part in the walk to raise awareness to something that is very close to my heart. I suffer from depression and anxiety and have spent time on a mental health ward. I really struggled to speak about my mental health to my family and friends and I firmly believe such events like this will show men that it is okay to talk about mental health. Football helps a lot, going to Arsenal makes me forget about my worries and concerns for ninety minutes and I hope that after seeing two sets of fans joining together and walking as one will show men that it is good to talk.

Q. Who has been the stand out Arsenal player this season?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has scored a good few goals this season and has given Arsenal much needed pace up front which they severely lacked before. He also reminds me of Thierry Henry a lot in the way he plays, particularly with his runs into the box.

Q. Are you expecting a busy summer in the transfer market?

Yes, we need to improve in a few areas and with some players leaving the club this summer they will need to be replaced. Hopefully, Champions League football will help attract players to the club during the transfer window.

Q. If you could pick one Palace player for Arsenal to sign in the summer, who would it be and why?

Wilfried Zaha is a great player. I believe Manchester United were silly to let him go. He is quick, creative and a real handful for the full backs he is up against.

Q. Name a player from each side that you believe will be a threat in this game?

From Arsenal, I will say Aubameyang for the very same reasons already mentioned. As for Palace, it has to be Zaha. He was a handful in the game at Selhurst.

Q. Perhaps you could share your opinions on Palace this season?

I think it has been a good season. I believe you will beat Newcastle to what may end up being a top ten finish in the league. A good run to the quarter finals of the FA Cup and caused problems for both teams fighting for the title. I was glued to my iPad cheering you on when you beat Manchester City earlier in the season.

Q. Your prediction?

It will be a good game but I am going for a 3-1 Arsenal win but a lot will depend on the Europa League game on Thursday night. Tiredness could creep in if that is a hard game and goes the distance.





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