Cup Tie Kicks Off New Season For Palace Ladies

Our support of the Palace Ladies continues for yet another season and one that is the most anticipated yet. To celebrate the club achieving Women’s Championship status following the restructure of the league, we are keeping a diary throughout the season.

Here is the first diary entry courtesy of captain Freya Holdaway ahead of the Continental Tyres Cup tie against Spurs.

It is an exciting week for the Palace Ladies. We are part of the Continental Cup a competition that sees the top two tiers competing and it is a chance for us to face the best sides in the country.

Our group is a mix of Chelsea (Super League winners last year), Brighton & Hove Albion (massive Palace rivals), Yeovil Town (Super League), Tottenham Hotspur and the London Bees (both in our league).

Our first competitors are Spurs, who we face tonight at home under the lights. What more could we ask for? FANS! Our fans are by far the best in the league, but they can’t sing alone! I urge you to get down and support us as we play our opening game of the season at Bromley Football Club. Spurs will be very strong opposition but every team have weaknesses and we intend to attack them.

The girls have been working hard all pre-season. This is what we have been working towards. Now is when it counts. We have a few new faces but they seem to have fitted in very well indeed. The true test will be how we face challenges together. I can honestly say for the three years I have been at Palace everyone has always had each other’s back, always, and I am not expecting that to change.

The coaching team have been hard at work since the end of last season, I’m not even sure sure they get an off-season. They have come into pre-season with strong ideas and as a team we expect to execute them.

The names on the shirts have been printed. The new shirts freshly pressed. Boots cleaned. Attitudes perfect. I cannot wait for the season to get started!

Check back here next week for the next Palace Ladies diary entry from Freya. Hopefully it will be full of talk of a famous cup win!




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