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It is a very welcome return to the Premier League for Fulham so ahead of the opening day fixture in South-West London, TEB had a chat with presenter of popular television quiz show ‘Pointless’ and avid Fulham fan Richard Osman.

Q. Firstly, congratulations on Fulham returning to the Premier League – how was your day at Wembley?

Our win at Wembley was one of the greatest days of my life. I know winning play-off finals is a Palace speciality, but this was the first time Fulham had played at Wembley since 1975. We were pretty drunk throughout, we won promotion and we made John Terry cry. Football does not get any better than that.

Q. Did you envisage Fulham could have reached the promised land as the season kicked off?

We had had a really good end to the previous season, and we were playing good football, so hopes were pretty high. However, we started slowly again and those hopes soon died away. I do not think any of us predicted our 23-match unbeaten run.

Q. How did you become a Fulham fan, as we are led to believe your brother is in fact a Palace fan? We do hope he bought you a pint to celebrate promotion?

My brother, Mat, has always been a Palace fan, so I have always had a soft spot for the club. He started supporting the Eagles in the classic Vince Hilaire days. I have no idea why, I think when you grow up in Sussex you are supposed to support Brighton or Palace.

Q. How often are you able to watch Fulham at Craven Cottage?

I am a season ticket holder so I try to go to most home games. Occasionally in television, you have to work on Saturday’s so sometimes you have to miss Fulham take on Rotherham United. I do not go to many away games, but I will definitely be going to Palace, Arsenal and Spurs next season. I get a nose bleed if I go too far East, so I will probably miss West Ham.

Q. Slavisa jokanovic has done a fabulous job this season, are you confident he can be a continued success in the Premier League?

Slav is a great manager. Tough as nails, and he is dying to prove himself in the top division. He plays exciting football, fast and attacking, so we will probably take a few hidings along the way, but it will be a fun ride.

Q. What are your thoughts on Crystal Palace as a club, and have you ever visited Selhurst Park?

I went to Selhurst Park a lot as a kid, because my brother went. I cannot wait to go back this season. I have met Steve Parish a couple of times, he is a very smart guy, and he has done a great job at Palace. Clubs like Palace and Fulham do not have the money of a top six side so we have to work harder and smarter than everyone else. Steve Parish does that, as do Shahid and Tony Khan at Fulham.

Q. We know Fulham fans have only nice things to say about Roy Hodgson, but was still a surprise to quite how much of an impact he had at Palace in turning things around after such a poor start?

Palace are now every Fulham fan’s second team because we love Roy so much. That man has the freedom of Fulham until the end of time. The papers were a bit sniffy and snippy when you appointed him, but every Fulham fan in the country knew he would keep you up. I bet a lot of money on it, and I am not the only Fulham fan who did. God bless Uncle Roy!


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