TEB To Make Debut On The Airwaves

The team here at TEB are very pleased to announce that tonight, we make our debut live on community radio.

We are not on air just to make up the numbers as guests. We have one off three hour slot to trial our very own radio show as we takeover The Meridian Sports Show for this week.

It has been difficult to keep the news under wraps while we have hard at work planning for the show. While this is a one off ‘takeover’, if all goes well and feedback is positive, we may consider doing more next season.

Our fantastic hosts at 107 Meridian FM can be found by tuning in to 107 FM if you are in East Grinstead or the surrounding area. Otherwise, you can listen online at meridianfm.com or use the Tune In app.

We go LIVE just after 8pm and we have a packed show. With a number of the team here at TEB involved, we are pleased to confirm Palace Ladies chairman Richard Spokes will also be joining us.

As we are very active on social media, we are hoping fans will interact with us throughout the show to share views and opinion as we go which we will read out on air.

Join us for TEB Radio Show, our debut on the airwaves as we talk Palace and play some of our favourite music.



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