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With eight games left to play until the end of the Premier League season, the Eagles head to Yorkshire to take on Huddersfield Town so we had a chat with director and Terriers fan Duncan Foster about the season so far. 

Q. What did you make of our encounter earlier at the start of the season which ended with a win for the Terriors?

I remember thinking before a ball had been kicked, “would we be good enough?” Is it going to be one humiliation after another? Twenty minutes into the game I thought “no, we will be fine, clearly we have recruited well and the boys look up for it.” In that opening twenty minutes, some of your players looked a bit shell-shocked as we never gave you any time on the ball. I appreciate now that clearly your then manager was trying to play a system that he did not have the players for. You have come back brilliantly since he left.

Q. How has the season been for Huddersfield since that game?

There have been some great highs, beating Manchester United along with some huge lows with some large doses of reality along the way.

Q. David Wagner has gone about his business impressively this season which has been great for Huddersfield but is there a fear he could be tempted elsewhere?

Aston Villa offered him eight times his salary to join them in January 2017. He turned them down. Everything is done his way at Huddersfield. He has total control. I think David will move on eventually but it will be when he wants to. If we stay up I predict he will stay as I know our chairman will give him more transfer funds to spend. Whatever he does he will always be a legend here and I think every fan will wish him success wherever he goes. What he has done is nothing short of a miracle.

Q. Quiet grounds seem to be part of the norm in the Premier League with only a few exceptions. How do you think atmospheres can be improved or is passive support too ingrained into some clubs?

Our atmosphere is fantastic. The club and the fans slowly built it together. There is a great bond between the players and the fans. Nearly all the players have their own song and we always encourage and never get on their backs. Losing 3-0 at home to Spurs and we still sang, the away support just looked bemused. They are not the only ones. I guess the answer is that clubs need to remember football is for the fans, it is not about fleecing their pockets (Arsenal), it is about making them feel part of the club.

Q. Did the club do the business you expected in the January transfer window and are there any areas of the squad that have been neglected?

In January we bought Alex Pritchard for £11million and signed Terence Kongolo from Monaco. We were happy with that. Wagner likes to do his business in the summer and early so never panic buys. I like that because it means the proper research and scouting has been done. I’m told no player is signed for Huddersfield without a nine month “watching “ period. Fitness, quality, desire and character. All those have to be right before we sign them.

Q. Explain in no more than 140 characters how the last ten years have been for the football the club.

Until Dean Hoyle arrived it was awful. He has transformed our club. We are solvent (before the Prem League) and he found David Wagner. It’s a club for the fans. We realise that and support them always. Win together lose together.

Q. What do you make of Palace so far this season?

After a dreadful start you have done well. I didn’t think he would but Roy Hodgson has done brilliantly. Your last few games against United, Spurs and Chelsea have been close. I expect you to stay up.

Q. Name one player from EACH side that you think the opposition should consider a real threat.

Wilfried Zaha for you. For us Steve Mounie who has just found his form again and with Alex Pritchard feeding him, they are our threat.

Q. Your prediction?

I’m rubbish at these! I think I will go for 1-1. Which means it won’t be!!

Q. And finally, please tell how long you have been a fan of the club and why Huddersfield?

Forty-six long years!!! We lived in Norwich and I went to watch them first but my parents moved to Leeds for my Dads work. We would have gone to watch Leeds but my Dad couldn’t afford it so it was Huddersfield instead. I’m so glad we did. Leeds are a joke of a club that have no regard for their fans at all.

Our thanks to Duncan for taking the time to talk to us this week. Duncan is a comedy and drama director who is currently working on the ITV hit soap opera Emmerdale and has previously been involved with Coronation Street.



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