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Ahead of the trip to the Emirates to take on Arsenal for the second time in just a few weeks, TEB had a chat with our resident Gunner Mark Harrison on their season so far. 

Q. What do you make of the season so far for Arsenal or shouldn’t I ask?

Don’t ask. Only joking of course, it’s been a disaster pretty much to be honest. Arsene really is struggling and every season it gets a little bit worse, given at the start of every season we aspire to compete for the title. By November we are out of it, and looking weaker than ever. It’s not changing anytime soon either.

Q. Will Arsene Wenger last the season considering where Arsenal currently find themselves?

Yes, 100%, there’s no way the club will end his contract, the only way would be Wenger leaving which just won’t happen. It’s at a point where you’d think he’d consider it but I just don’t see it.

Q. If you had to bring in a new manager right now, who would it be and why?

This is the issue, who is there around now that would be an improvement? To me, when it changes it will be a two season rebuild. So whilst I’m not ducking the question, I am just not sure. Carlo Ancelotti if I were pushed, just on track record really.

Q. Have the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil running down their contracts had an effect on the club or is there something else that you can put your finger on?

Most definitely, it was a big gamble to adopt this route with the two “star players” and it has backfired with one and not with the other on the field. Sanchez has been an unsettled figure and has destabilised the team and the club for me. We should have sold him, to me you don’t keep an unhappy player, whoever that is. We still hope Ozil will stay.

Q. Do you expect much business by the club in the January transfer window and if so which areas will be looked at?

Yes I do, purely through Sanchez leaving, Arsenal will now run around like mad men trying to sign someone to placate the fans. Not ideal.

Q. Explain in no more than 140 characters how the last ten years have been for the football the club.

Broken promises and under achievement. Gazidis sold us a dummy.

Q. What do you make of Palace so far this season?

If you discount the Frank de Boer phase, which was strange to say the least, it looks okay now. Roy Hodgson has steadied the ship, brought everyone together and now Palace look a team on the up.

Q. Name one player from EACH side that you think the opposition should consider a real threat.

Wilfried Zaha is the undoubted threat for Palace, one of my favourite players outside of Arsenal. For us I’d have to say Ozil for his creativity, he can kill you in one pass.

Q. Your prediction?

2-1 Arsenal, sorry!



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