What Will Become Of The Champions?

It was a truly sad moment, but Leicester City decided to end Claudio Ranieri’s time with the club after a series of poor performances.

A heart-breaking moment for most, simply because the former Juventus and Chelsea boss was in part responsible for taking the Foxes to glory last season, winning the Premier League and shocking the entire world of football along the way.

Just ten months ago, the team was enjoying the most success it has ever known. Since then, Leicester have been dealing with poor performances and dressing room issues, which led to the owners taking Ranieri out of the equation.

What does this mean for the reigning Premier League champions?

An Abrupt End

Rumours about the board wanting to fire Ranieri had been circulating for months before the actual decision was finally made. In fact, some of the best bookmakers who offer the best UK free bets 2017 started to accept bets at incredibly good odds several months ago. A lot of people took advantage of those free bets and have cashed in on big wins, or at least some of them have.

After a sensational season, Leicester returned to Premier League duty without the flare and spirit of before. The team showed an apparent lack of energy at times, playing one bad game after another and could not even climb into the top ten of the table. In fact, the reigning champions have been on the fringes of the relegation zone for months now.

Of course, news of the abrupt end of Ranieri’s time with Leicester was still a shock. Other managers such as Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp – along with the majority of the Premier League family – showed support for the 65 year old. Later, Ranieri released a letter that revealed just how heart breaking the whole ordeal really was for him.

A Quick Recovery

Fans of Leicester were on opposite sides about the sacking. Some of them put the blame for the team’s lacklustre performances on the manager, seeing the abrupt contract termination the solution. Others are showing immense support and asking fellow fans to remember just how far Ranieri took them last season.

A little over a week ago, Leicester hosted Liverpool and surprised many with a 3-1 win. Jamie Vardy scored two cracking goals and Danny Drinkwater banked one in between. It was as if Leicester had got their old form back. While Liverpool were playing badly, it is difficult not to acknowledge how well Leicester performed on the night.

A lot of fans saw the match as one of the best in Leicester’s recent history. Everything fell into place perfectly and the entire team took advantage of Vardy’s speed and agility from kick off. Liverpool’s strategy and apparent superior players were no match for the Foxes newfound spirit, despite the team putting in some good performances of late.

A Bright Future?

The future of Leicester City in the Premier League remains to be seen. The victory against Liverpool and then Hull City at the weekend moved them clear of the relegation zone. This is the first time in almost six months that the team have felt a bit more comfortable.

They sit 15th in the League table but there is plenty more football left to play. However, if the first match of the post Ranieri reign is anything to go by, the club and its fans are looking at a bright future.

What do you think? Will Leicester ever live up to their historic achievements of last season without Ranieri at the helm? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.



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  1. Pete
    March 9, 2017 at 8:37 am — Reply

    You won’t find mamy City fans that care…we WON A TITLE.
    After 133 years…we are happy whatever happens.

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