Fantasy Preview – Match Week 36

We hit the home straight as the new Premier League champions could be crowned as soon as this weekend so without further ado, here are my tips for this round of fixtures.


Buy: Sergio Aguero – Forward, Manchester City, 13.6

Aguero has hit a terrific vein of form with seven goals in his last five matches! His eleven shots on target and nineteen chances created show that, if anything, he should have actually earned more fantasy points over that period. Next up for Manchester City is a Southampton side who have failed to keep a clean sheet since Valentine’s Day.


Buy: Alexis Sanchez – Midfielder, Arsenal 11.1

He has had to take over the goal scoring responsibilities with Arsenal’s strikers proving to be *ahem* less than effective.  His 3threepoints last week was the first time he’d had less than five since February. Now he heads into a match against Norwich City and their fourth worst defence.


Buy: Daniel Sturridge – Forward, Liverpool, 10.1

If only someone had told you to pick him up last week! He scored yet again making it five goals scored in his last six Premier League matches. He was rested against Villarreal on Thursday so he should be nice and rested for this week’s match against Swansea who have conceded seven goals in their last two matches.

Sell: Diego Costa – Forward, Chelsea, 10.5

He somehow disappeared in Chelsea’s drubbing of Bournemouth last week. It seems he hasn’t quite found his feet since returning from suspension and you wouldn’t expect him to turn it around against Tottenham’s league best defence.


Buy: Mesut Ozil – Midfielder, Arsenal, 9.6

Everyone seems to have written Ozil off despite the fact he’s still creating an average of four chances per game. Part of the problem has been the forwards, but don’t be surprised if Arsenal turn up the heat facing a woeful Norwich defence who are averaging nearly two goals conceded per game.

Sell: Wayne Rooney – Forward, Manchester United, 9.9

At the beginning of the season I advised avoiding every Manchester United midfielder due to the log-jam of players and unpredictable rotation at those positions. Now I’m starting to feel the same way about their forwards as well. I’m not saying Rashford, Martial, and Rooney will be goalless for the rest of the season, I’m just saying you’ll never know who will make the net bulge each week. Oh, and the Leicester City matchup won’t help either.


Buy: Cesc Fabregas – Midfielder, Chelsea, 8.4

Fabregas showed up in a big way with three assists last week. His chances created have spiked lately with fouteen in the last five matches and he could have an easier day than expected with Dele Alli missing out through suspension and Eric Dier possibly missing out with a concussion.

Sell: All Forwards, 8.0-8.7

Giroud misses starts and doesn’t impress when he does play. Lukaku has looked awful and has scored just twice in his last ten matches. Graziano Pelle was replaced by Jay Rodriguez last week. Yes, Jay Rodriguez. Christian Benteke’s last start was the day after New Years.


Buy: Riyad Mahrez – Midfielder, Leicester City, 7.3

When I took Mahrez out of my team for double MW34 I thought I’d be done with him for the year, but his performance last week has me thinking about bringing him back in. While Swansea City offered little to slow Mahrez down, I’m not sure the smattering of ‘right backs’ at Manchester United will fare any better.

Sell: Anthony Martial – Forward, Manchester United, 7.6

Martial is part of the same forward platoon with Rooney and, with two remaining matchups against top ten defences (Leicester, West Ham United), I want no part of it.


Buy: Andy Carroll – Forward, West Ham United, 6.4

Over his last five matches Carroll has notched six goals, eleven shots on target, and is averaging 7.6 points per game! Sure he’s had his annual injuries, but with a favourable remaining schedule including a double MW37 he is ownable through the end of the year.

Sell: Toby Alderweireld – Defender, Tottenham Hotspur, 6.4

This is by no means an indictment of his ability, just a representation of the shift in his cost to benefit ratio.The potential absence of Eric Dier would remove the shield for the back line that has so benefited the Tottenham defence this season. If you’re making a late push in your mini-league something that won’t help you is a defender who costs 6.4, is 42% owned and only has 3 matches remaining. By the way, 2 of those remaining 3 matches are against top 10 attacks.


Buy: Jermain Defoe – Forward, Sunderland, 5.2

A Sunderland player? Yes, you read that right! Defoe’s recent statistics are identical to Marcus Rashford (two goals, five shots on target, four points per game) but, unlike the situation at Manchester United, Defoe has a clear shot at playing time. In fact, he’s missed just one match since Christmas! He has a double MW in week 37 and three of Sunderland’s remaining opponents have shown they already have at least one foot on the beach (Stoke City, Everton, Watford).

Sell: Virgil van Dijk – Defender, Southampton, 5.7

Yes, Southampton have a decent defense, but their last clean sheet came the day before Valentine’s Day. That leaves VvD with two points or less in eight of his last ten matches. Now he gets to consecutively face the two best attacking sides in the league (Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur).


Buy: Younes Kaboul – Defender, Leicester City, 4.2

Two Sunderland players? This is just getting out of hand now. Stigmas aside, Sunderland have actually picked up four clean sheets in their last five. Kaboul has earned five bonus points over that period and his four remaining matchups average out to the twelfth ranked attack in the league.

Sell: Ashley Williams – Defender, Swansea City, 4.8

Swansea have conceded seven goals in just their last two matches. All of his remaining fixtures are against top ten attacks. No thanks.


TEB Fantasy Football League – Top Ten

Leading the way is Matthew Freeman but he has been pegged back this week as the chasing pack led by David Gilbert make their move. Reining champion Asher Weston returns to the top ten with only sixty-nine points covering all of the teams. No movement from the top three but Jonathan Bailey climbs up to fourth place and within touching distance of the leader.

# Team Manager GW TOT
   1    Cabaye-Bye-Bye    Matthew Freeman    23    2,112
   2    Chelsea Dagger    David Gilbert    37    2,088
   3    Crystal Phallus FC    Simon Dixon    45    2,078
   4    Game on Weddell!    Jonathan Bailey    48    2,058
   5    Mané Kurian FC    James Kearney   45    2,056
   6    Money Cabaye Success    Matt Jones    52    2,054
   7    The Remarkable Ones    Mark Saunders    56    2,049
   8    Dynamo Dan Dan    Daniel Bright    29    2,048
   9    E Pluribus Anus    Rory Jackson    40    2,047
   10    Best Weston    Asher Weston    67    2,043




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