We’re back: news about the Palace blog and the future

Dear Readers,

Over the past week, TheEaglesBeak, your choice in Crystal Palace blog has been to hell and back. Last Wednesday (13th January), the site was hacked by some unknown source. This is the reason why we have been offline for a week and a bit. Some of our data was destroyed, and unfortunately that takes time to recover.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time. We will be slowly getting back up and running with new articles each day in the near future. So in the words of Bender from Futurama: “We’re back, baby!”


Our first change, and you might have noticed already, is the creation of a new logo and look for our site and social media. This is so we can start afresh. The team at TEB HQ thought the old site was starting to look outdated and decided to change with the times. This was the perfect opportunity for a rebrand while the site was down.

Our second change is the creation of the archive. Any articles that have no images are now part of TEB archive. This is every article from the Aston Villa Match Review, back to our original blogger articles. They are still readable, however, they no longer have any imagery. This is working kind of like a cache of our body of work.

Our final change is improving content. In recent months, we have been in cruise control on article quality, and we are conducting an internal review of our output. This means we need your feedback and opinion on our site. This will be made clear in the future.

All in all, welcome to the new look Feel free to explore, critique, comment and subscribe to our social media channels below:




Thank you for reading,


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Jack Fitzgerald

Jack Fitzgerald

Jack is a student who is studying electronic engineering. He is also a DJ and avid Crystal Palace fan.

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