08 Feb 2017

Unity The Best Weapon Ahead Of Fight For Survival

Saturday, for me, was the first time in my Palace supporting life where I’ve left at half time. Ever since, the keyboard warriors on social media have called me ‘plastic‘, ‘fake‘ and ‘not a true fan‘. For me, those words hurt more than the atrocious first half witnessed that day,

25 Jan 2017

Being A Football Tourist Is Not A Crime

The Premier League brings with it many things. Money, new fans, new ideas and, for many, disconnection. It might seem weird to become disconnected with your club the more successful they are but with Palace enjoying an extended run in the top tier, more and more fans are becoming distanced

23 Jan 2017

FC Cincy In Race For MLS Slot

For my latest article on football from across the pond, I thought I’d feature a side that Palace will be familiar with having faced them in pre-season, FC Cincinnati. The club was brought into existence when the ownership of the Cincinnati Kings headed by Jeff Berding, and the owner of

17 Jan 2017

Why Do We Bother?

Stood at the so called ‘London Stadium’, shaking in the cold, fans understandably streaming out around me, I and thousands of others, couldn’t help but question why we do this. Why do we continue to pay for the torture of watching over-paid and under-caring players in red and blue? We

21 Dec 2016

Football In The US Is Weird

Most of the world is interested in football in the USA, since most of the world thinks of America as one of the top countries in the world. It goes without saying that football would help that. However, there are many countries in this world that are much better at the game.

04 Dec 2016

Pulis Deserves To Be Remembered For Shameful Ethics Rather Than Success At Palace

The 2013/14 season was a historic campaign for Palace. The Eagles avoided relegation from the top flight for the first time since 1992 and for the first time in the Premier League era. The famous picture of the Palace players celebrating, arms aloft, hand-in-hand, in front of a jubilant away

13 Nov 2016

Favourite XI – Wingers (Part 2)

Now for our second choice of winger as our Favourite XI series continues. We have already covered the Goalkeeper, Right Back, Left Back, Centre Back and our first choice of winger positions. Now it is time for our selection of TEB writers to pick their second winger. PETE REDMAN ATTILIO LOMBARDO – Our literal bald Eagle.

12 Nov 2016

Favourite XI – Wingers (Part 1)

Here we go with the next in our series of ‘Favourite XI’ articles. Let’s be clear about what we are trying to achiever here. This feature is all about our FAVOURITE Palace players, while not always the BEST players that have turned out for the club. We have had plenty of likable characters throughout

29 Oct 2016

Lack Of Depth Is Only Threat To Eagles Premier League Status

Two recent defeats have brought Palace crashing back down to earth. Following an unwelcome international break, the Eagles fell to defeat to West Ham United before Saturday’s 3-1 reverse away to Leicester City. A five game unbeaten run was established prior to the international break and the subsequent defeat to

26 Oct 2016

The Selhurst Comedy Club

Inspired by the ‘Favourite XI’ that TEB writers are currently debating, I began thinking about my most humorous eleven. With all the lows and heartache that we suffer as Palace fans, we need a unique, self-depreciating attitude and an ability to fall in love with even the most pitifully useless