Who Put Valium In Palace’s Pre-Match Bananas?

When Palace supporters hoisted a new banner at Brighton, we “quiet fans” were screaming too.  Remember Newcastle fans and their protest pieces of paper? Ashley Out. Even the desperate have a point of view.

Have Palace reached a ceiling? We all have limits on how far we can go in life. Has Steve Parish reached his?

Having saved the club and kept Palace up for ten years, does Steve have it in him (and his bank account) to lead Palace to his frequently mentioned “next level”?  It’s eight years since Parish told the Guardian: “These are shark infested waters, and I won’t be left in a situation where I can’t make the decisions.”


Steve trains for meeting with potential investors


Fact (maybe barrier too?)

Steve Parish effectively owns control of Crystal Palace Football Club through the voting system which is so undemocratic that billionaires can buy their way in and sell their way out, and nothing much changes. Until Parish sells that control, he’s the man.

I recognise that this control has been vital in Steve saving the club, steering us to the top flight and keeping us there. But ….


Here are some questions for Steve

Do you live life just to be alive, or do you want your red n blue footy to be red blooded, fun, excitement, pleasure, anticipation, hope and more?

Are you any more than just a drop stopper?

If a billionaire wanted to buy Palace for a reasonable price, would you step aside?

We all know you could put your feet up and retire tomorrow on the fortune earned from your famous Palace tenure, or you could pursue a career in football administration and leadership.  You’re a hero to many, you’ve learned a lot, and you’ve met many rich and powerful people.


What does the next chapter hold?

Only you know, Steve. All we can tell is, you have lots on your plate, including:

  • The surely-not-again trail to the treatment room.
  • Half our wins this season have come against the bottom two clubs.
  • New manager needed very soon.
  • Another ten playing contracts expiring four months from now.
  • Dougie Freedman being head hunted by at least one club.
  • Runaway costs on the new stand.

And, if we do get relegated, the income chart would look like a cliff dive. Although I suppose visiting fans might enjoy the funny side of seeing a white elephant next to the Whitehorse Road. Seriously though, Steve, supporters are worried sick, so….


Why Not Share?

Because, while we fans fantasise a future where one day Palace might beat Brighton again, the reality is the nightmare now of good players producing bad results. Protecting Roy from criticism is kind, but some of the coaching issues are obvious even to our uneducated eyes:

  • No goals scored this season from a set piece.
  • Worst defence in the league at corners.
  • Refusal to replace underperformers with young talent that’s bursting to succeed for this club.
  • Little idea of how to score a goal without Olise and Eze.
  • The collapsing defence.

Frankly, it’s the defence that worries me most. It used to be very tight. But, when Sheffield United burgled that first goal at Selhurst, Palace had conceded three goals in only eight minutes of Premier League action.

Letting in goals in very short term clusters is relegation form.

At Brighton, a simple second minute opener from a corner was followed by a match-winning burst of two more goals in eighty seconds.

These dozy starts give us mountains to climb. I can’t do much to stop them happening, but I can demand an investigation. Who’s slipping the valium into Palace’s pre-match bananas?

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