21 Oct 2013

View From Across The Pond

With his weekly view from afar, Stephen Brandt  takes his shot at an Arsenal midfielder. You can catch Stephen as the host of Vuvuzela on Blogtalk radio … Wilshere Just Doesn’t Get It So Jack Wilshere thinks that only people born in England should be playing for England. All hell broke

14 Oct 2013

I Don’t Get It

With his views from across the pond, Stephen Brandt returns with a swipe at the Scottish champions … Celtic are pissing me off, and that’s not good. You sell all these players, get into the Champions League, and DON’T GET ANOTHER GOALSCORER? WHY DO YOU HATE ME? Okay, so people

09 Oct 2013

Palace Spring Surprise

After his debut on the site last week we welcome back Stephen Brandt who brings us his take on that wonderful afternoon at Villa Park … You can read more of Stephen’s work on his blog. The date April 8th 1990 will live in the minds of many football supporting