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Yawn, Another International Break.

We are on an international break worldwide and in the most part for friendlies.

As I’ve said before on my radio show on blogtalk (Vuvuzela on Tuesday nights), these are pointless. It’s not that matches that are pointless or even club friendlies. Just friendlies for national teams that have just clinched a place in the World Cup Finals.

Is there anything more annoying than wanting to watch your club on the weekend and then realising that all of football is off for another international break? Well, not all of football is off, most of the lower leagues are still playing because they don’t get the privilege of having that many internationals.

Maybe they are lucky. But the media outlets continue to trot out their promo’s “Watch lower leagues, for the love of the game” or something similar.

That’s all well and good but if you wanted to be a supporter of a lower league club you would be already. Or you’d just be a Leeds fan.  I know that’s a shot at a once mighty giant but Derby and Nottingham are in a similar position. Those clubs have fans. You don’t need to create a fan base, football teams find you. Not the other way around.

We’ll get it pushed on us at the weekend to support your local or nearby lower league team. For this writer, I don’t have to worry about that. The lower leagues in the USA have all finished the season and the MLS is on an international break.

We have to sit through who the national sides will call up, and how that national side will do. That’s all well and good but what about their club teams? These players come back tired or even worse, injured. That is annoying, and how many of these internationals are your club’s top players? Pretty much all of them to be honest, and that’s scary.

What do national teams need with all these extra matches? Between all the tournaments and qualifiers  they play enough freaking matches to figure out what players play well with other players.

Also with as many camps or training days as these teams get they can figure out tactics.

It’s not like USA has to play Scotland right now, or England has to waste it’s time with Chile. The chances are that England will face Chile again are slim to none. But then again I’m horrible with maths. Why bother? None of the teams are going to see each other in the World Cup so they’ll waste their time.

Now, the devils advocate says that you need every match, every opportunity to see how each player plays. Well, that’s why THESE MANAGERS SCOUT. And the funny thing, is that most of these players have played with or against each other by now.

They are all professionals and can adapt on the fly. We need to reduce the wear and tear on the legs of our players and focus more on the leagues than the international football. Because we all know that it’s going to be Spain versus Belgium in the World Cup Finals anyway.


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