21 Feb 2017

Rhinos Stay Strong Even After Fading From MLS View

In our latest look at football in the United States, I go back to a time when Major League Soccer (MLS) was not as well known, a time when Wayne Rooney was not even playing. That time is the nineties. It was a different time. Mobile phones had yet to

23 Jan 2017

FC Cincy In Race For MLS Slot

For my latest article on football from across the pond, I thought I’d feature a side that Palace will be familiar with having faced them in pre-season, FC Cincinnati. The club was brought into existence when the ownership of the Cincinnati Kings headed by Jeff Berding, and the owner of

21 Dec 2016

Football In The US Is Weird

Most of the world is interested in football in the USA, since most of the world thinks of America as one of the top countries in the world. It goes without saying that football would help that. However, there are many countries in this world that are much better at the game.

29 Nov 2016

The US Game Is Broken

Media in America likes to focus on Europe, because we all know Europe does everything better than us Americans do. We get to hear people talk about the English national team, that’s when we aren’t hearing or watching how screwed up the US system and national team can be. This isn’t

08 Apr 2014

View From Across The Pond – Who Do We Think We Are?

Fans are fun. The love we have for our clubs is sometimes greater than our love for our significant others or family. We literally think that our voice matters to the players. We think that if we say it, sing it or show our love they’ll play harder for us. While there

11 Mar 2014

View From Across The Pond – La Liga Sucks

  It is just Scottish football with more money and lapdogs. I love how certain, okay, all mainstream journalists flock to the fact that La Liga is in the same category as the German League or the Premier League. Let’s all laugh at that folks. While we are here, can

03 Feb 2014

View From Across the Pond – January Window Worthless

  This article, is has been in my mind for a long time. With the advent of social media, and all the 16 or 40 year olds living in their mother’s basements, it’s made the rant even meaner in my head. The bone, or the main point of this rant,

20 Jan 2014

View From Across The Pond

Sport is corrupt. World Cup style. Last week I mentioned on twitter that I needed a topic for this next week for my article. Of course what kicked up was the Qatar World Cup bid. It’s like the biggest hot point in the sport, almost like saying you knew that

13 Jan 2014

View From Across The Pond

Americans are so fickle, but this is FA Cup related. Honest. Finally, in America we are able to see the early rounds of the FA Cup, League Cup and league games every weekend. As well as Scottish matches and LaLiga all on television. This is all good but opens up

06 Jan 2014

View From Across The Pond

So depressED, ranty columns are a big hit, who would have thought that? Well, it’s why I wrote them. But on a whole, the sport is amazing, unless you are a Cardiff fan, and you are miserable right now. Ah to digress. Now to start off 2014 on a better