TEB Interview – Dennis Crowley

He goes by the name ‘Dens’ on Twitter and he speaks about the lack of promotion and relegation in the USA. To people outside Twitter, he is the guy who came up with Foursquare and Dodgeball, both very important technical companies.

A chance talk with his friends helped launch National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) side Kingston Stockade Football Club. Not only are they a Fourth Division club, but they are an internet sensation, and talked about world wide so I sat down with Dennis Crowley to find out more.

Q. How did Kingston Stockade come about?

Long story. It was a combination of a conversation with buddies over far too many beers about how our 5-a-side team or park side could ever end up playing the Red Bulls and really wanting to build something in the Hudson Valley as there is a lot of new restaurants, bars and shops. For more, head over to The Cauldron for a read.

Q. You play in the NPSL, can you tell us a little about the league?

We are in Division Four of the NPSL which has a pyramid of 96 teams, and has a super low buy in at just $15k. Owners come at it from all different angles. It is true that ‘start-up soccer’, in my opinion, is the most interesting league in all of US sports at the moment.

Q. Where is Stockade located?

We are in Kingston, New York which is in area of New York state called the Hudson Valley, about two hours north of New York City. Kingston has a population of about 20k people

Q. What are your goals for the future of Stockade? Are you looking to develop academies, etc

  • Get the club profitable
  • Use profits to invest in professional players, youth academy and a women’s team.
  • My five year goal is to qualify for the US Open Cup (our version of FA Cup).
  • My ten year goal is to field a team in 2026 full of players we inspired as youth fans.
  • My 20 year goal is to build a club worthy of getting promoted to D2/D1 in USA and to help build the infrastructure that allows clubs to get promoted in USA.

Q. You mentioned on Beyond the Pitch that you have fans in the UK who are Crystal Palace fans. How did that come about?

YES! My buddies are I took a trip to London back in March 2016, before Stockade had even played a game, to catch a bunch of Premier League matches. After the game between Palace and Watford, we went to the Clifton Arms and met a bunch of English kids who (I think) wanted to originally fight us because we were wearing a Stockade scarf in a Palace pub!

We got to talking and became friends. We chat on Twitter all the time, and these guys tune into all of our streamed matches from the UK! They are great! You can watch a video from when we met on Instagram … they made up this chant in the bar (after lots of beers) and this is one of the chants that our fans now do from the stands!!! Great guys. Would love to have them over for a match sometime!




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