26 Mar 2017

Favourite XI – Strikers

The final instalment of our ‘Favourite XI’ feature is finally here and it is time for a selection of TEB contributors to pick their strikers. Some will say it is the glory position of the team, players that need to be greedy to be successful and score the goals for

25 Mar 2017

Favourite XI – Central Midfielders

It is international weekend once again but fear not, it gives us the perfect opportunity to conclude our ‘Favourite XI’ feature that we have been filling the void with. If you are late to the party then you can catch up on our choices of favourite goalkeeper, defenders and wingers

25 Jan 2017

Being A Football Tourist Is Not A Crime

The Premier League brings with it many things. Money, new fans, new ideas and, for many, disconnection. It might seem weird to become disconnected with your club the more successful they are but with Palace enjoying an extended run in the top tier, more and more fans are becoming distanced

13 Nov 2016

Favourite XI – Wingers (Part 2)

Now for our second choice of winger as our Favourite XI series continues. We have already covered the Goalkeeper, Right Back, Left Back, Centre Back and our first choice of winger positions. Now it is time for our selection of TEB writers to pick their second winger. PETE REDMAN ATTILIO LOMBARDO – Our literal bald Eagle.

12 Nov 2016

Favourite XI – Wingers (Part 1)

Here we go with the next in our series of ‘Favourite XI’ articles. Let’s be clear about what we are trying to achiever here. This feature is all about our FAVOURITE Palace players, while not always the BEST players that have turned out for the club. We have had plenty of likable characters throughout

09 Oct 2016

Our Favourite XI – Centre Back

The fourth in our series of articles as a selection of TEB writers continue to choose their favourite players in each position. We must stress, this is NOT the best, but our favourite. In some cases, our favourites are the same but in others there are players that have been

08 Oct 2016

Our Favourite XI – Left Back

For the last international break we introduced the start of ‘Our Favourite XI’ series where a selection of TEB writers made their choices for Goalkeeper and Right Back. Now that the international break has returned it is the time to focus on the rest of the back line. Just to

29 Sep 2016

What Now For England?

Where do we go from here then, England? Our county cricket system is trying to implode itself. One of our greatest cyclists is being accused of being a drug cheat. The coach of our national team, of our national sport, has gone. What a time to be alive. This is,

04 Sep 2016

Our Favourite XI – Right Back

The first article of this brand new feature for TEB on goalkeepers was much talked about on social media. Let us be clear, we know there are better players out there than the ones our writers have chosen, but we wanted to choose our ‘favourites’. Those players that do not

03 Sep 2016

Our Favourite XI – Goalkeeper

Everyone has an opinion, especially when it comes to football and more so for the team you follow. You can argue all day long about a ‘Best XI’, but what about a ‘Favourite XI? Those players who, for whatever reason, have a fond place in your heart? There is no