01 May 2016

Commitment in The Cup But Are We Forgetting the League?

It was great to see Palace reach their first FA Cup final in twenty-six years last week, and a great performance was required for us to get there. Fortunately, we turned up and put on a brilliant show for the thirty odd thousand fans that were lucky enough to get

17 Apr 2016

Commitment Is Key Ingredient For The Eagles

Palace fans, rejoice! We have picked up our first three points of the year! You have no idea how relieved I am to write those words after months of telling you not to panic, to be reassured and not to worry, we finally did it. I was getting a little

04 Apr 2016

Suffering Is All Part Of The Palace Experience

If you have never celebrated a hard fought and lucky draw like you have just won the lottery then you are likely to not be a supporter of Crystal Palace. It is times like these where, as a collective, we can agree that we should not be celebrating a lucky

21 Mar 2016

Palace Entering Dangerous Territory

Another week, another loss. Yet another disappointing game day passes with no points gained, and more fears of the impending relegation zone that is getting ever closer to us as we drop further and further down the table. It is a little troubling, given the record Alan Pardew had at

06 Mar 2016

Where There Is A Wickham There Is A Way

It is nice to start one of these columns on a positive note, and that note is that Connor Wickham has scored from open play! In fact, he has now scored four which is remarkable given our recent form. Unfortunately, those goals have only contributed to one point in the

21 Feb 2016

Results Are Just A Number

Looking back ten years when I was just a kid of eleven years old, I remember going to Selhurst Park to support the boys and it did not matter if we won, drew or lost. All I cared about was seeing my idols playing for my favourite team. Ten years

07 Feb 2016

Back With A Bang, Time To Be An Optimist

Sometimes in football, and with Palace, you have to sit back, take a deep breath and try to forget that you support one of the most topsy turvy football clubs in England. For me, the best trick is logging out of Twitter, switching off my phone and sleeping on it,

10 Jan 2016

Christmas Form Not The Present We Expected

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Fan Chat on TEB, my first of the New Year.  We are finally on the other side of a busy schedule and injuries have taken their toll on the significantly weakened squad for the Premier League fixtures against Swansea and Bournemouth. These games were

20 Dec 2015

Palace Are Officially Rolling In It

I have got that feeling. You know the one? You wake up in the morning, go on your phone, check your bank account and find you have been paid. Nothing beats it, and it is how I felt Saturday morning as I woke up, checked my Twitter and saw the

06 Dec 2015

Consistency From Our Wingers Is Key

Welcome back to this week’s edition Fan Chat on TEB, where we can happily report Palace are safe and sound in the top eight, and, despite no goals from our recognised strikers in the league this season, we managed to stick five past a hapless Newcastle United side. Further to