06 Dec 2016

Palace Bounce Back

Wow, hands up who expected that? Not me, that’s for sure. A rather unexpected win from a Palace team really under the cosh. Rumours were rife that this was the make or break game for Alan Pardew, lose this and he was out. I bet he breathed a huge sigh

20 Nov 2016

Palace Family Remembers

Welcome back to this weeks edition of our Fan Chat feature, my third consecutive article after a loss although at least we can all say we saw this one coming. The loss to Burnley really was very hard to take. It’s a game we should be winning, and we damn

08 Nov 2016

Palace Struggling Once Again

Can’t 2016 just be over already? I mean seriously. Please? A week has more days than we have got wins this year, and this awful run we have been on (despite a positive September) is so prolonged and so worrying, that the owners should really be looking at taking action.

25 Oct 2016

Competitive League Could Hurt Palace

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Fan Chat, after another mildly disappointing result at the weekend against Leicester City. Last season’s Premier League champions haven’t endured the best of starts to the season however, they brushed Palace aside with relative ease, to record a victory that draws them and

10 Oct 2016

Money Will Kill Our English Game

Welcome back to another edition of Fan Chat, which this week features me not moaning all the time for once. Hooray! Actually, there’s a little one right at the end, so if that’s what you’re looking for skip to the final three paragraphs! The reason for my lack of moaning

26 Sep 2016

Rejuvenated Palace Scoring Goals for Fun

With what seems to be alarming regularity, I am predicting the complete opposite of what Palace end up doing. Once again I am writing this on the back of a superb performance by the boys to pick up three points from a seemingly impossible position after being 2-0 down away

12 Sep 2016

Much Needed Win But Not Everyone Is Celebrating

Weekends always feel better after a Palace win, right? I seem to think so. However, having only had four good weekends this year I was getting a little frustrated both with Palace, and with boss Alan Pardew. Having never ever been in a position before where I have wanted a

15 Aug 2016

Doing It The Hard Way

Crystal Palace Football Club. Four words that strike up such emotion and passion among a select group of people in South East London, others dotted across various parts of the UK and indeed, the rest of the world. Four words that, for some time now, are the definition of unpredictability,

31 May 2016

Living The Dream, Then We Wake Up

A long, long time ago back in the early ‘noughties’, I went to my first Palace game. It was rubbish. A boring 1-1 draw against Wigan Athletic is credited as being the reason behind my support of Crystal Palace. It was a Danny Granville goal that sealed the draw, and

16 May 2016

Fourth Consecutive Top Flight Season Something To Celebrate

It is a strange feeling coming to the end of a football season, especially one as dramatic as this year. We have been through bigger highs and lower lows than pretty much ever before in our Premier League experience, with potentially room for one more success arguably bigger than anything