Three Players Palace Should Target For The Immediate Future

Palace’s run thus far in the 2021 Premier League season has been one that has managed to baffle and surprise football experts all at the same time.

While at the beginning of the season it was clear for online betting experts, even those who cater more towards the NFL’s Super Bowl odds predictions rather than extensive Premier League coverage, that Palace would not have an easy going this season, the results thus far have given plenty to talk about.

It’s very clear that drawing has become Palace’s favorite result with a staggering six already this season, something that no other team in the competition has accomplished besides Patrick Vieira’s side.

With plenty of action left to be played in the season and the January transfer window quickly approaching, it is likely that Vieira will be looking closely at a number of different players to strengthen the squad for the remainder of the seaosn. With this said, we bring you our pick of three players that could add something a little extra to the current batch of players.

Anthony Martial, Manchester United

It’s been quite some time since Anthony Martial has been able to make Manchester United fans frolic in excitement with his striking abilities. Martial’s skills and goal-scoring prowesses are not in case, shape or form debatable. He has shown over and over again that when he’s in his groove, it’s very hard to stop the 25-year-old French attacker. Sadly, the last few months for him at Manchester United have been more of sitting on the bench and falling behind in United’s attacking pecking order, rather than dominating opposing defenses.

With the likes of players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Edinson Cavani, Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford all ahead of him in Solksjaer’s attacking preferences, maybe a move away from Manchester towards South London may just be what Martial needs to revitalise his career.

While his price may be steep, the value that a player of Martial’s talents can bring to Palace’s forward line would be both undeniable and very welcome. Having him pair up with the likes of fellow Frenchman Odsonne Edouard, Belgian striker who knows a thing or two about flailing in top-tier clubs only to have his playing time increased in a smaller club, Christian Benteke, and Ivory Coast international Wilfried Saha would seriously benefit the Eagles.

Vieira’s side has been criticised this season for their lack of attacking explosiveness. Well, bringing a player like Martial might just help fix that issue or at least begin to fix it.

Joe Aribo, Rangers FC

If you are not familiarized with the Scottish power house, Rangers midfielder Joe Aribo, let us get you acquainted with a player, who if Palace is able to play their cards right in the January transfer window, could be joining the team to automatically upgrade the midfield.

Aribo, who has become a steady performer for Steven Gerrard’s Rangers side, with over 100 games to his name already, would be the perfect player for what Vieira is looking for and needing for Palace. While his position is usually right down the middle, Aribo thrives best when put in the number 10 position, allowing his creativity and speed to take over, especially when it comes to creating goal opportunities high up the pitch.

Aribo’s arrival at Palace would automatically cement this midfield into a whole new level of talent and strength, which is why adding him in the January transfer window should be a definite goal for the Eagles.

Lorenzo Insigne, Napoli

Okay, here me out for a second. I know that thinking about bringing in a player of the likes of Napoli’s Lorenzo Insigne might be a bit of a stretch, especially given how many more suitors he has across Europe, but don’t count the idea out just yet. Insigne, who is a staple for both Napoli and the Italy has been facing serious contract negotiation problems with his team, leading to the idea of him leaving Napoli even as soon as January more and more present as time continues to go on.

While teams like Arsenal, Tottenham, Wolves and even Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have all shown interest in his services, Palace could go down the route of selling the player on the value of joining an up and coming London team who is undergoing a strong and positive rebuild process where his experience and talents would be greatly appreciated and tended to.

Patrick Vieira and Palace have done their fair share of stacking the team up with very promising, young talents, which is why bringing a player like Insigne could become pivotal for the team’s growth and potential. Insigne has plenty of suitors, but don’t count out Palace.


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