Selhurst Park Lost Estimated £3.4 Million In Pint Sales Last Season

After a long 18 months of watching their teams from home, football fans are back enjoying full stadiums again. But just how much did Premier League stadiums lose in pint and pie sales after playing many matches behind closed doors? did some number crunching and can now reveal all.

Here are some of their findings:

  • Old Trafford is estimated to have lost the most sales in pints (2,397,299)
  • Emirates Stadium (1,961,122) and London Stadium (1,897,117) follow in second and third
  • Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (£7.8 million) and Anfield (£6.1 million) are among stadiums estimated to lose the most from missed pint sales
  • Brentford Community Stadium is estimated to have lost the most pie sales (1,421,670 pies)
  • Amex Stadium (£4.6 million) and Selhurst Park (£4.3 million) among stadiums estimated to lose the most from missed pie sales

Below is the Premier League table in terms of lost pints and pies-

Rank Premier League Team Stadium Estimated No. Of Pints Lost  Estimated No. Of Pies Lost Estimated Amount Lost From Pint Sales Estimated Amount Lost From Pies Sales
1. Old Trafford 2,397,299 1,323,319 £10,787,845 £5,028,612
2.  Emirates Stadium 1,961,122 1,082,547 £8,825,049 £4,005,423
3. London Stadium 1,897,117 1,130,136 £8,347,314 £3,955,476
4. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 1880,725 1,130,136 £7,899,045 £3,955,476
5. Anfield 1,719,306 1,078,646 £6,189,501 £3,128,073
6. Etihad Stadium 1,661,990 1,179,725 £6,647,960 £4,129,037
7. St James’ Park 1,527,568 1,132,068 £5,499,244 £3,622,617
8. Stamford Bridge 1,317,625 1,085,352 £6,061,075 £4,884,084
9. Villa Park 1,272,862 1,179,725 £5,855,165 £3,893,092
10. Goodison Park 1,236,013 1,132,068 £5,067,653 £3,622,617
11. Elland Road 1,198,238 1,140,136 £4,313,656 £3,534,421
12. King Power Stadium 1,040,166 1,086,547 £4,056,647 £3,802,914
13. Molineux Stadium 1,023,424 1,090,047 £3,786,668 £3,924,169
14. Carrow Road 1,010,072 1,332,492 £4,040,288 £3,997,476
15. Amex Stadium 965,312 1,138,136 £4,343,904 £4,666,357
16. St Mary’s Stadium 959,329 1,085,256 £4,316,980 £3,798,396
17. Selhurst Park Stadium 820,704 1,092,547 £3,446,956 £4,370,188
18. Vicarage Road Stadium 688,176 1,185,776 £2,959,156 £4,031,638
19. Turf Moor 660,317 1,091,160 £2,443,172 £3,273,480
20. Brentford Community Stadium 486,736 1,421,670 £1,752,249 £5,118,012

Old Trafford missed out £10.7 million in pint sales

Old Trafford top the league as the stadium estimated to have missed out on the most pint sales, 2,397,299 pints to be exact. With a pint costing approximately £4.50 at Old Trafford, this equates to a whopping £10,787,845 in sales potentially lost – four times more than Burnley who took 19th place!

Following in second is the Emirates Stadium with an estimated 1,961,122 pints missed out on from the 23 home games played behind closed doors. The cost of a pint at the Emirates stadium is approximately £3.70 bringing their approximate losses to £8,825,049.

London Stadium follows shortly behind with a potential 1,897,117 pints missed out on. Fans of this team have missed the chance to attend 24 home games, with previous average attendance at London Stadium of 47,589 totalling and pints going at £4.40, a total potential loss of £8,347,314 was calculated.

On the other end of the scale, Brentford Community Stadium takes last place with estimating they missed out on 486,736 pint sales, almost five times less than Manchester United. These missed sales could have cost the club a potential £1,752,249.

Brentford Community Stadium unfortunately score first place on number of pie sales missed out on

Despite having the lowest estimated losses in pint sales, Brentford Community Stadium is estimated to have lost the most in pie sales (1,421,670 estimated pies). With pies going at an average of £3.60 at their stadium this equates to £5,118,012 lost due to the 30 home games missed by fans, the most of all premier league teams.

Also jumping up on the list is Carrow Road Stadium with an estimated total of 1,332,492 potential pies lost at their stadium. With their pies around the cheapest in the league (approximately £3), their potential losses in sales comes to £3,997,476 in comparison to their successors.

Old Trafford’s pie losses come to approximately £5,028,612 which is over £1 million more than Carrow Road Stadium, showing their higher price of £3.80 for pies makes all the difference.

When looking at the bottom of the ranking Anfield find themselves taking the title of missing out on the fewest pie sales with 1,078,646 being their estimated total. They offer the cheapest pies at approximately £2.90 which would have equalled to £3,128,073 in lost sales, the least in the league once again.


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