Tyrick Mitchell Is The Most-Efficient Tackler In The Premier League

As the season nears to its end, BetVictor has refreshed its ‘In The Book Study’ and it is good news for Palace fans. The Eagles have collectively been the fifth best tackling side in the Premier League this year and full back Tyrick Mitchell has been the most-efficient tackler in the entire league.

Palace can claim to be in the top five, at least when it comes to tackling efficiency. Recent data shows that Roy Hodgson’s team have made 539 tackles and 350 fouls so far this season. As a result, Palace’s foul-to-tackle ratio is 0.65 which is only bettered by four teams in Leicester, Everton, Southampton, and Leeds.

Surprisingly, “Dirty Leeds” take top spot as the cleanest tackling team, but Palace can claim the title for London, as apart from Palace, the best London club in terms of fouls per tackle is Chelsea with a ratio of 0.7. Tottenham are not far away having made 0.701 fouls per tackle, meanwhile West Ham, Arsenal, and Fulham all lag further behind.

A large part of Palace’s tackling efficiency is undoubtedly down to Palace’s full backs. Tyrick Mitchell is the most-efficient tackler in the entire Premier League this season, as he has made 48 tackles for just 7 fouls, meaning his foul-to-tackle ratio is 0.146. Southampton’s Jack Stephens is behind him in second place followed by Burnley duo Charlie Taylor and Dwight McNeil, and then Palace’s own Nathaniel Clyne rounds off the top five, having on average made 0.235 fouls per tackle himself.


Premier League Teams’ Fouls Per Tackle Ratios (*):


Team Total Tackles Total Fouls Fouls Per Tackle
Leeds 653 386 0.591
Southampton 631 374 0.593
Everton 553 335 0.606
Leicester 600 364 0.607
Crystal Palace 539 350 0.650
Brighton 568 393 0.692
Chelsea 556 389 0.700
Tottenham 571 400 0.701
West Brom 522 368 0.705
Wolves 523 378 0.723
Liverpool 453 329 0.726
Manchester City 434 320 0.737
Sheffield United 562 418 0.744
West Ham 464 346 0.746
Newcastle United 469 355 0.757
Arsenal 409 315 0.770
Burnley 448 353 0.788
Aston Villa 464 380 0.819
Fulham 519 431 0.830
Manchester United 480 402 0.838


Premier League Players With Best Foul Per Tackle Ratios:


Player Club Tackles Fouls Fouls Per Tackle
Tyrick Mitchell Crystal Palace 48 7 0.146
Jack Stephens Southampton 26 5 0.192
Charlie Taylor Burnley 38 8 0.211
Dwight McNeil Burnley 41 9 0.220
Nathaniel Clyne Crystal Palace 17 4 0.235
James Justin Leicester City 61 16 0.262
Ben Godfrey Everton 44 12 0.273
Luke Ayling Leeds United 94 26 0.277
Marc Albrighton Leicester City 27 8 0.296
Matt Targett Aston Villa 74 22 0.297


You can view the full study at BetVictor.


*Data correct as of 4th May 2021. Team level data is based upon all players and every minute of Premier League football played. Player level data only accounts for players who have committed at least 10 tackles and played over 900 minutes of football this season.




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