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Zaha Idolised Yet Andros Wrongly Criticised

Wilfried Zaha is a Crystal Palace footballing God. He is our knight in shining armor and Caped Crusader all rolled into one dynamo of a footballer. And he is all OURS.

We, as Palace fans, get to say that he is one of us.


There are far better options out there if you want to truly understand what Dazet Wilfried Armel Zaha means to Palace and their fans (like from this very own website). I was not there for the diving header at Brighton in the Championship Play-Offs . Nor was I around for the failed transfer to Manchester United that everyone STILL talks about like it was last season (it was actually five years ago!)

He is, without a singular doubt in my mind, the greatest soccer player that I have ever watched in my three and a half seasons of soccer fandom. I used to be your average, stereotypical American that hated football because of draws and that it is boring with no scoring. I am actually embarrassed of that version of me that I once was. If I didn’t randomly select Palace as the team to follow, I would still be that man today.

Thankfully, once Zaha entered my life, it has forever changed. In 27 short months I went from watching my first full Palace match to watching Wilf draw a penalty at Selhurst Park. When I say this man changed my life, I really cannot stress just how much this man has changed my life.

Still, this pales in comparison to what he means to everyone that lives and breathes Palace. He is that important to all of us. Which is why better and more true words than mine have been spoken about him (again, our website).


I want to shout out a Palace player that, for whatever reason, drew criticism in a tweet I saw float around Twitter this weekend. I don’t remember what it said but it had enough likes on it that it made its way onto my feed.

It was about a certain player on the right. That just a few weeks ago had a song that everyone had stuck in their heads. This particular user on this particular website claimed that Andros Townsend “was not that good” because his end product is not “what it should be”.

Imagine my face when I saw that. I could not believe my eyes. Okay, sure, Andros’ goal production is not what it could or should be. He did have that one shot against Liverpool that surely would have been a goal of the year candidate. Other close misses have occurred as well. I’m not here to defend what Andros does offensively or with the ball at his feet. The reason that I come to you today, as an occasional writer for TEB, and as a full blooded Palace obsessed American, is that Andros’ impact on this team is immense and should not be undervalued.

Andros started in the Palace fan doghouse, for reasons that I still don’t quite understand. I will raise my hand and say that I was one of those fans. Maybe we just took out our frustrations from having Alan Pardew as a manager. Maybe we just didn’t give him a proper chance. Whatever the reason, Andros was the odd man out and his play was affected by it. Sam Allardyce is a bastard for retiring from managing…only to un-retire for the Everton job. However, he gave us the real Andros Townsend and at least for that we can be thankful.

Would it be nice if Andros scored a few more goals a season? Of course. But what he provides to the entire right side of the pitch is greater than any goal he could score. The pace and tenacity that he brings to the pitch each match is unquestioned. Amid all of the Wilf talk, I felt the need to slip in some love for our other favorite winger. Plus, his Father is a tremendous Twitter follow and involved in the great cause ‘Kick It Out’ which is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary.

I’ll leave you with this …. UP THE PALACE!!!



If you have not watched the video on Palace TV of all angles, then I feel sorry for you. It really is a must watch.



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