Welcome To The Most Overhyped Day Of The Entire Football Season

So here we are, Transfer Deadline Day. The most hyped day in the football calendar. The day that sees Jim White don the adopted yellow colour scheme and shouts every word as he waits for the big breaking transfer story that so often rarely happens.

The early days of the transfer window were fun but we are never going to see Harry Redknapp hanging out of his car window again, a striker driving to a club unannounced in the vane hope that they will sign him or even a sex toy being shoved in the ear of a reporter.

With the wall to wall sports news coverage we now have both on television and online, it is all too often a day of disappointment which turns into a waste of time should any fan decide to take the day off work to watch the day unfold. In fact do fans still actually do that?

Twice a year we endure this media wet dream that always draws in fans with the peddling of rumours and hype during a period of time that becomes quite an unstable and even twitchy time for football clubs.

If we are honest, the last few transfer deadline days have failed to live up to any kind of expectation anyone had even if the media have done their damnedest to make us all think that something big is about to happen.

It is about as welcome in the footballing calendar as receiving your food in a restaurant on a tile or a plank of wood!

To be fair, Palace have often done well during this mid-season signing frenzy. However, they did not cover themselves in any kind of glory in the last transfer window at the beginning of the season with the sole intention of signing French defender Mamadou Sakho, and taking the eye off all other potential additions. Even if that window did not realise another striker or goalkeeper, previous January signings have seen the likes of likes of Luka Milivojevic, Joe Ledley, Jason Puncheon and Scott Dann join the club. Oh, and Wayne Hennessey ……

There is no denying that Roy Hodgson and his staff have been working hard to bring in new faces this January as the former England boss has stated on more than one occasion that the squad is wearing thin. Early acquisitions in the shape of Rakip and Jach have been welcome but there are still two positions that need attention.

If there are no more additions then what is wrong with hoping that a youth player will benefit as a result, even instead of a big money signing and by that we don’t just mean Palace. It is all too common for teams to splash the cash rather than give a youth player a chance in the Premier League. Youth players need to be exceptional to have even a glimmer of hope of a first team opportunity in the top division which is a crying shame.

While TEB does not thrive on transfer windows, we can certainly understand fans getting caught up in all the furore that always surrounds them. Some of you love them, other hate them and even take a hiatus off social media until it is all over. You might think that this is an odd article for a football fan site like us to publish but we have found that we are certainly not alone. How it could be done better, we have no idea

It really would not be a bad idea to roll back the years to when times were simpler and fans read about a new signing in the chosen newspaper the following day. No hype, no false hope, just pure and simple fact.

If it is your bag, then enjoy. If it isn’t, then like us you will no doubt be getting on with more important things while having one eye cast towards the chimney at the jerk chicken shop …


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Jay Crame

Jay Crame

Jay is the founder of TEB and site editor. An avid Palace fan since the late eighties with a passion for music and too many other sports. Presenter and producer of The Meridian Sports Show on 107 Meridian FM.

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