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Unconvinced By The Back Three And That Is Just The Manager

Well, it’s like playing a broken record sometimes watching Arsenal. The same frailties that have existed for some years with Wenger’s latest squads are still very much alive and kicking in N7.

It beggars belief to me.

The one thing this team lack and have lacked for many years is an out and out leader, someone to rally the troops, lead by example, send out the war cry…..but alas, all we really have is eleven ‘bloody nice blokes.’

Let’s face it, Stoke isn’t pleasant at the best of times, after all, exactly what type of fan are you that would boo and jeer a player who’s leg was broken in half by your own player? Or who sing ‘1-0 to the rugby team.’ It beggars belief.

For me, under those conditions, you don’t give an inch, you don’t give one single, solitary inch. So what do Arsenal do? Give them yards. Literally.

The best example being a goal down, a Stoke player is rolling around in our area and we are on the attack sixty yards up the pitch. No referee whistle but Nacho Monreal stops in mid-flight to roll the ball out.

It is astonishing. Complete mentality fail. Can you imagine Patrick Vieira doing that? Or worse one of the players he captained? He would have had them up by the throat. This soft under belly mentality is what stops and will always stop this Arsenal squad from winning the league. All too nice, all too comfy and cosy.

Proof of this exists. The mere fact that Arsenal are unable to move on players like Kieran Gibbs, Theo Walcott and Matthieu Debuchy is quite simply because they are paid far too much for their limited ability. Gibbs could not care less about sitting on the bench, £70,000 a week, he happily sits, all wrapped up and is not in the slightest bit bothered about playing. The most amazing thing of all is he has let Monreal take his place and has not shown the slightest interest in challenging him back for it. Too comfy, too cosy.

So, back to the match, and predictably Arsenal dominated possession, to a point that was ridiculous almost. Over 80% of the ball and still they could not score. Hector Bellerin was clearly clipped in the area after getting in midway through the first half, but the somewhat laid back, entirely hopeless Andre Marriner did not give it (now there’s a surprise). Lacazette did find the net but was harshly ruled offside, and then, with almost their first shot, Stoke scored after the Arsenal midfield and defence parted like the Red Sea to allow Jese to slip the ball past Cech.

To add insult to injury, Lacazette was replaced by Walcott which is like replacing a Rolex with a Timex. Needless to say once that happened Arsenal’s chances diminished somewhat and all in all summed up a bad day at the office.

Arsene Wenger’s post match comments were a bit strange to say the least. “I wasn’t convinced by the back three” he said.

Well Arsene my old son, YOU picked them.

Next stop Anfield. You can only wonder should Arsenal lose, armageddon awaits…..the modern football fan is truly something to behold.



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Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison

Passionate Arsenal fan for 41 years. Seen them come and go on and off the pitch in that time. Out of it all I am still not over the 2006 Champions League Final! Lover of all football, irrespective of who plays it.


  1. August 25, 2017 at 12:31 am — Reply

    Lack of Leadership and The same frailties that have existed for some years is only one person to blame for not doing his job properly and it is Mr Wenger.

  2. Garrett
    August 25, 2017 at 2:44 am — Reply

    Show me one player in the Epl that plays Walcotts position who has produced more in 10 years! then you might have a smidgen of a case of truth in your article! keep reaching

  3. Garrett
    August 25, 2017 at 2:46 am — Reply

    3-4-3 is dead when Santi Carzola Returns fully

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