It Is Quite Simply Palace Every Time

This week sees the end of yet another international break. Hooray!

They seem to come around much sooner than a Monday morning these days, eating up the weekends regular football slot quicker than a kebab guzzling drunk on a Saturday night.

It’s fair to say that I absolutely loathe international weekends. Not only because England’s form is absolutely dire but ultimately and obviously, it means that there is no Premier League action. Or more to the point, no Palace!

I understand the need for qualifiers in order to progress to various stages of the World Cup or European Championships but when the same laborious style of play continues to infect our national team, it is very hard to get even remotely excited at the thought of our country playing.

It has become more worrying when I get more enjoyment watching Wales and Scotland play, purely to see the Palace boys representing. Oh, and of course Bosnia, just for Edin Dzeko purposes ….

I will be the first to admit that I sound like a glory hunter when I say ‘until England are good, I’m not interested’, but after so many years of watching complete and utter dross from them, I feel I am justified in my thinking.

The root cause of the Three Lions lack of success is clearly down to the selection of the same old faces in the team. The argument that whoever is in charge will always favour ‘big club’ players over perhaps smaller teams is something that is constantly debated. As Palace fans we know all too well how unjustified some of the selections have been. We all sit waiting to see when the England squad is being announced to find out if the likes of Scott Dann or Wilfried Zaha have finally been given a call up, to be continually left disappointed and sending Twitter into it’s usual meltdown.

Congratulations to Andros Townsend by the way for his late inclusion in this latest England squad even if it was at the expense of the injured Raheem Sterling, but my point remains valid.

Until a manager has the kahunas to drop the big names and use players on form and not for the badge they represent, I sadly don’t think that we will see a change in how our nation play. Maybe Gareth Southgate is the man to do that, who knows! Only time will tell. All I know is something drastic needs to happen.

For now, we will all have to deal with the mundane weekends every few weeks of no ‘proper’ Soccer Saturday, Super Sunday, Monday Night Football or even Friday Night Football. No rocking up to Selhurst Park for the thrill of an away day, catching up with friends to watch our boys in red and blue.

I am firm a believer in club over country and until I see Scott and/or Wilf on the England team sheet and a change to the usual selection policy, I refuse to believe that our nation will see any glory at an international level in my life time.

Palace > England. End of.

During the international breaks TEB have a series of articles where some of the team choose their favourite Palace players. You can read them hear.




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