Parish And Pardew, The Boys Done Good

Well, this makes it a little bit harder to write doesn’t it?

In the summer, it was easy. We could moan about our form, moan about the lack of signings and especially, a lack of a striker. We could moan about selling Yala and Jedi, two club legends. We could moan about season tickets and Pardew’s dancing. In fact, if we wanted, we could moan about England’s showing at the Euros.

But what now? What am I supposed to moan about? Palace have won three on the trot, scoring nine goals in three matches. Pardew’s making subs to win matches and Benteke’s settled in beautifully. In fact, yet again, our signings look inspired. Isn’t the world a better place?

But let us remember, we’re only a couple of defeats away from returning to the toxic atmosphere that surrounded the club on Twitter, on the BBS and during the interval of the Bournemouth game, at Selhurst Park.

However, my plea to Palace fans is to show trust in the club. Since CPFC 2010 rode into the club on white horses, our rise has been staggering. Of course, there’s been mistakes and blips along the way. However, every time they’ve been doubted, they’ve come good.

The two lowest points of supporter’s morale since 2010 have come in pre-seasons after long, disappointing post-Christmas slumps, followed by Olympic Games. After brilliant starts to league campaigns and outstanding cup runs in the 2011/12 and 2015/16 seasons, Palace started the summer by selling fan’s favourites (Scannell/Ambrose in 2012, Yala/Dwight/Jedi this year) and began the season under prepared, leading to poor opening results and angered supporters.

However, whatever you think of Steve Parish, he is not a fool. He knew what we needed and made it happen, at the price that was right for CPFC. Our form has risen as sharply this year after the arrival of Mandanda, Benteke and a returning Jimmy Mac as it did in 2012 when Bolasie, Moritz and Delaney arrived to a recovered Glenn Murray.

So while we may not keep up our current run, and this season might not end with a Wembley success as 2012/13 did, let’s just enjoy these three fantastic consecutive victories. And when the next blip arrives, we must remember the incredible ascent that we’ve found ourselves on over the last few years, and trust in Parish and Pardew to continue to steer the club through the most successful period of Palace’s history.



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James Howland

James Howland

James is the author of The Palace Addition, a Palace fan's story about following the team around the country throughout the 2009/10 season.

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