Time Is A Healer

It has never been easy being a fan of Crystal Palace.

You just know that any kind of success is to be followed by a level of failure. And that failure is often followed by a level of success and so on. That’s why it isn’t easy but you have to say that it is far from boring.

There are not many clubs that can boast half of what has happened to Palace. I think it was a club like Rochdale that, in comparison, spent a number of years in the same division until only recently.

Just take a quick look at what has happened to the club in the past 25 years. The list really doesn’t make pretty reading and is certainly a lot to take in. Many would agree that we would not change a thing. But one thing has changed for me. If (or when as so many would say) Palace are relegated this season it would be the first to not effect me as it once would have.

This all comes down to our past demons when it comes to finances. Twice we have been in administration and the most recent was a real threat of losing the club for good. Some would say that is in the past and while I agree to a certain extent it really left it’s mark on me.

I am no less of a Palace fan than the next. But my support and feelings for the club have changed. The fear of losing the club was pivotal. It went down to the wire and I never want to experience those same feelings again. To even be asked ‘who would you support if your club went out of business’ was frightening.  In truth, had it happened, that would have been the final straw. A game that I once adored has fallen apart at the seams in recent years and I have lost a lot of love for it.

It is more so that whatever will be, will be attitude. If we are relegated this season then we return to the Championship. And with a bucket load of cash in our back pockets. Far from a knock to the club that relegation to League One would have and was more than once threatened. As long as we don’t go chasing the dream and waste it all but we have sensible owners now so I have every confidence that we are in good hands where it be in the Premier League or Championship.

It’s just never as bad as it seems or indeed, could have been …

 Article written by Jay Crame


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